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Satellite Data

28.5°EAstra 2E2E UK11758 HDVB-S2

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Channel Info

The channel is created back on 15 September 2018 as BT Sport Box Office to broadcast pay-per-view events from Boxing, UFC, Premier League, and other PPV events such as WWE Fights. During the Pandemic period, the channel was transformed into Amazon PPV to broadcast the Premier League games. This channel has been the first option for viewers in the UK and Ireland to follow Prime Events.

With the big transformation that happened to BT, in 2023 the channel as the entire package was renamed to TNT Sports Box Office, and continued to broadcast the same big events.

This channel is owned by Warner Bros and Discovery Sports Europe and the profits are shared between those two entities. The sister channels Eurosport Channels, including Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2.

Boxing events are the first events covered by this channel. All the weights, lightweights, middleweights, and heavyweights events are broadcast. All the famous boxers and the famous fights are all covered. Boxing comes in its full form and it is the main focus of this channel.

UFC events are also one of the major parts of the programs of this channel. Some of the UFC events covered include UFC 239, UFC 242, UFC 246, UFC 254, UFC 257, UFC 264, UFC 280, and UFC 286. So all the events are covered in the highest quality of picture.

Other events include WWE as one of the most watched sports on this package. So fans are engaged with the content they like.

TNT Sports Box Office is the channel that brings more single subscriptions since the Premier League is included in the TNT Sports initial subscription. This channel has its unique programs and it changes from the other channels. In other words the subscription changes from the last of the package.

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