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Bundesliga is the optimal level of German football representing a unique brand of sports and it is live worldwide. Matches are live in several sports packages including Sky Sports, DAZN, ESPN, and more. It will continue to be live on these platforms in the upcoming seasons as well. Bundesliga holds the record for more tickets sold and it is equally successful selling TV rights. It is also broadcast in 200 countries worldwide.

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Competition Info

In the Bundesliga 18 teams, fight for the title each season. Bayern is the most successful team and the team to be beaten in the league. Meanwhile, the closest competitors are Borussia Dortmund, Borussia Monchengladbach, RB Leipzig, Leverkusen, and Eintracht Frankfurt.

Among the top four teams that go in the UEFA Champions League, the fifth place that goes in the UEFA Europa League, and the sixth that goes in the Conference League, is also the cup winner who secures a ticket for the Europa League. Adding this, the Bundesliga is one of the leagues with the highest coefficient in the UEFA rankings. Next, the last three teams go into the second Bundesliga.

The season starts in August and ends in May. The championship is a mixture of loud stadiums and a unique team play. Bundesliga’s stadiums are an example of modern infrastructure. Also, fans support their teams weekly and create the basis of what is the joy of the sport. This makes the Bundesliga so popular and attractive to fans all around the world.

Lastly, the attendance in the stadiums is at the highest levels. Saying that Bundesliga stadiums have an average attendance of 42,775 the highest in Europe, competing with the Premier League. Bundesliga stadiums are modern and offer the most affordable ticket prices too. Besides football is a way of living in Germany and this makes Bundesliga so attractive for the fans.

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