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Scotland Premiership is the championship that is a fair competitor in terms of audience and spectators with the Premier League. The best league in Scotland sells its product to more than sixty broadcasting packages and more than a hundred countries worldwide. That makes the Scotland Premiership the main league in the UK, after the English Premier League.

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Competition Info

The Scottish Premiership started its activity back in 2013 after the Scottish Premier League merged forces with the Scottish Football League. Twelve teams play in this league, the last place is relegated and three teams go to Europe. The first team plays in the Champions League, and the second and the third place in the Europa League.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Championship has a high attendance in the stadiums. It is amongst the best leagues in Europe, taking into consideration Rangers and Celtic’s attendance. Ibrox Stadium and Celtic Park have an attendance, of 40,532 and 51,533 spectators respectively. But, other teams’ lower attendance makes the average only 14’000 spectators per season.

Furthermore, the Scottish Premiership has an agreement with Cinch, which is the main sponsor of the league. That also means more income for the clubs and a positive balance for the league. Main sports packages have bought the right to broadcast the league. ESPN, Arena Sports, Sport1, Viaplay, Bein Sports, and many other packages transmit the Premiership live all over the world.

Celtic and Rangers are the most successful teams in the league. Besides, these are two teams that have kept the Scottish flag high in Europe. The Glasgow derby, between Celtic and Rangers, is one of the most followed derbies in the world. The rivalry between fans, and the players makes this one of the hottest matches. Celtic and Rangers will continue to dominate Scottish Football in the upcoming years.

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