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On Satellite

57.0°ENSS 12Global11046 HDVB-S2
28.5°EAstra 2E2E Europe
and Africa
12012 VDVB-S2
28.2°EAstra 2F2F Europe
and Africa
12148 HDVB-S27500

Sky Sports Football Live Stream

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Channel Description

Sky Sports Football is the window of Sky Package to the most followed sport in the world. It broadcasts the best competitions in the world. Sky Sports Football deals with everything that is about football. Meanwhile, pre-match analysis, post-match discussions, and full coverage during the games make this channel one of the best in the UK and the world market.

Punditry and Commentatory are one during the games and live reports from the stadiums are something usual. Game Coverage is modern and the broadcasting infrastructure covers most of European Stadiums. Another factor that makes Sky Football the most popular is the transfer center news. Furthermore, transfer news is publishing news during the whole year and not only in winter or summer transfer periods.

Sky Sports Football maintains the rights to broadcast the majority of big European Championships. With the Bundesliga in their pocket for the upcoming years, they have the best of football in their package. This channel covers all the levels in English Football starting with the best level, the Sky Bet Championship and English Cups.

Sky Bet Championship is one of the competitions that is live every week, with all the games. Besides, this is a purely Sky Product since Sky Sports is the sponsor of the competition. The amount of games across all the competitions surpasses 40 games per week and this is a success for the channel and the package.

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Competition Coverage

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