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28.5°EAstra 2E2E Europe
and Africa
11836 HDVB-S27500
28.5°EAstra 2E2E Europe
and Africa
12090 VDVB-S2

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Channel Description

Sky Sports Mix is the window to various sports and disciplines with events from each sport. Football, golf, and cricket among other sports come with live events and games. This channel is the best channel for the mixture of content for viewers from Ireland and the UK. The channel has broadcast various football matches from the top leagues in Europe.

This is the best level of football in a package that is highly dedicated to this sport. Sky Sports Mix has offered free selected games for its users from time to time. This is one of the features that the company enables for its users. As every channel this channel is part of the Sky Sports Package.

Some of the Premier League games are broadcast on this channel and the users have the chance to follow the best league in the English Football League Federation. As it stands the programs broadcast in this platform are subject to change. The package is under fast changes and sees the best chances to obtain the best Leagues in the market.

Currently, they operate in a highly competitive market and this is the reason that are careful with all the programs choose to broadcast. In the future, they will add other programs to the channel TV Guide, with English Leagues as a priority.

Competitions Coverage

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