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National League is an association football league consisting of three divisions, National League, National South League, and National North League. It is a league that is live on major sports packages. Setanta Sports, Premier Sports, and BT Sports are the main broadcasters that have broadcasted the league over the years. Currently, the league has an agreement with BT Sports to broadcast 30 matches per season. This league is followed by fans in all over the UK and it has a good attendance in the stadiums.

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Competition Info

National League or Vanarama National League for sponsorship reasons is the fifth championship by importance in the English League system. It is also the highest league of semi-professional leagues. Although the clubs that are part of this league are fully professional.

At the same time, it is the competition that is intense. All the teams fight for a place in League Two. 24 teams are participating in the league. Four teams go to League Two and four lower teams face relegation. One team is promoted directly to League Two and the other teams go through playoffs.

Since July 2013, TNT Sport (Ex BT Sport) has covered the games of the National League. This is a huge step for a regional league, and also for the spectators that want to follow their teams. The main sponsor of the National League is Vanarama, which is a car leasing company.

Furthermore, fans can follow their club from different locations which means more income for the clubs. Also, the attendance is higher, around 3050 on average in the last season. Last but not least importantly makes the local audience closer to the club they support.

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