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‘People think I am TAKING THE PISS! I respect them a lot!’ | Pep Guardiola | Man City v Real Madrid

Golo da jornada – Jhonder (Liga 23/24 #29)

🔴 LIVE | Pep Guardiola and Bernardo Silva pre-match press conference | Man City v Real Madrid

‘We weren’t expecting Liverpool & Arsenal TO DROP POINTS!’ | Bernardo Silva | Man City v Real Madrid

Defesa da jornada – Luiz Júnior (Liga 23/24 #29)

Todos os golos da jornada (Liga 23/24 #29)

‘I know Tottenham fans will be hoping BAYERN GO THROUGH!’ | Harry Kane | Bayern Munich v Arsenal

🔴 LIVE | Harry Kane and Thomas Tuchel pre-match press conference | Bayern Munich v Arsenal (Agg 2-2)

Martin Ødegaard and Saka TRAIN! ENTIRE Arsenal squad fit ahead of Bayern Champions League clash

Felipe Anderson returns to Brazil with this club.

Could Jurgen Klopp be the Right Fit for Germany?

‘I am so so upset about the situation! The image we sent to every country!’ | Mauricio Pochettino

‘EVERYBODY knows Cole is the taker! I am SO SO UPSET!’ Every word of Mauricio Pochettino Chelsea 6-0 Everton.

Resumo: Vizela 0-1 Chaves (Liga 23/24 #29)

Golo Jota Gonçalves (p.b.): Vizela 0-(1) Chaves (Liga 23/24 #29)

The day the title race turned? Man City benefit as Liverpool and Arsenal LOSE!

Roger Schmidt’s press conference after Morereinse.

Bayer Leverkusen: Champions of the Bundesliga 2023-2024

Resumo: Benfica 3-0 Moreirense (Liga 23/24 Week 29)

Did Kevin want to stay on? ‘I’m the boss! 3-0, 75 minutes on the bench with me!’ | Pep Guardiola

‘A lot of leaks incorrect!’ | Pep Guardiola say Phil Foden was never meant to start against Luton

‘I’m the BOSS! 3-0.. De Bruyne on the BENCH WITH ME!’ | Every word Josep Guardiola said after Man City 5-1 Luton

Golo Rollheiser: Benfica (3)-0 Moreirense (Liga 23/24 #29)

Liverpool’s next steps after the losses against Atalanta and Crystal Palace.

Golo Tomás Araújo: Benfica (2)-0 Moreirense (Liga Portugal 23/24)

Will Manchester City and Guardiola Part Ways if They Fail to Win the Premier League?

Resumo: Portimonense 2-2 Casa Pia (Liga 23/24 #29)

Can Arsenal Win the Premier League in the 2023/2024 Season?

Bayer Leverkusen players shower Xabi Alonso in BEER during Bundesliga title press conference

Golo Kokcu: Benfica (1)-0 Moreirense (Liga 23/24 #29)