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Mauricio Pochettino post-match press conference | Chelsea 2-1 Bournemouth

‘We’re taking Neville and Carragher TO CLEANERS!’ 👀 | Man City fans react to Premier League title

Arsenal fans react to Manchester City winning Premier League title 😔

Ange Postecoglou post-match press conference | Sheffield United 0-3 Tottenham

‘I will miss him a lot…’ | Pep Guardiola gets emotional talking about Klopp’s Liverpool departure

‘NOBODY BETTER THAN US! 6 in 7 YEARS! UNBELIEVABLE!’ 🏆| Pep Guardiola TITLE WINNING press conference

‘I love everything about club BUT IT’S TIME FOR ME TO GO’ ❤️ | Jurgen Klopp’s FINAL press conference

🔴 LIVE | Jurgen Klopp’s LAST EVER post-match press conference ❤️ | Liverpool 2-0 Wolves

Mikel Arteta post-match press conference | Arsenal 2-1 Everton

Jurgen Klopp says final goodbye to Anfield and does his final famous fist bumps ❤️

Manchester City wins the fourth consecutive title in the Premier League.

Erik ten Hag post-match press conference | Brighton 0-2 Man Utd

🔴 LIVE | Jurgen Klopp’s LAST EVER post-match press conference ❤️ | Liverpool 2-0 Wolves

Manchester City fans STORM THE ETIHAD PITCH for record fourth successive title 🎉🏟

Resumo: Boavista 2-2 Vizela (Liga 23/24 #34)

Golo Miguel Reisinho: Boavista (2)-2 Vizela (Liga 23/24 #34)

Resumo: Arouca 1-3 Vitória SC (Liga 23/24 #34)

Golo Manu: Arouca 1-(3) Vitória SC (Liga 23/24 #34)

Golo Thiago (p.b.): Arouca 1-(2) Vitória SC (Liga 23/24 #34)

Golo Nélson Oliveira: Arouca 1-(1) Vitória SC (Liga 23/24 #34)

Liverpool arrive at Anfield and emotional fans wish Jurgen Klopp farewell for his LAST GAME 💬❤️

Man City fan interviews at the Etihad ahead of the FINAL GAME OF THE SEASON 💬🏆

Manchester City arrive for final game of the season

Golo Matheus Pereira: Boavista 1-(2) Vizela (Liga 23/24 #34)

Golo Joel Silva: Boavista (1)-1 Vizela (Liga 23/24 #34)

Golo Cristo González: Arouca (1)-0 Vitória SC (Liga 23/24 #34)

Golo Lebedenko: Boavista 0-(1) Vizela (Liga 23/24 #34)

Rui Duarte: “Expulsão estragou o jogo”

Vítor Bruno: “Esta vitória dá-nos energia extra”

Adán: ” Feliz por eles, agradecido sempre”