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EFL League Two is broadcast by IFollow and Sky Sports Package. It is a league with highly intense matches and one of the leagues with more competition. League Two’s earnings from broadcasters are in growth thanks to the online subscriptions. Also, the deal that EFL has with Sky Sports package secures a good financial position for the teams and the organizing body EFL.

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Competition Info

EFL League Two is the third league in the EFL rankings and the fourth in the English League classification. It is one of the popular leagues among the locals and it has been a new brand since 2004. The name has changed from Football League Third Division to the name we know today.

But this is not the only change though. The name of the Football League Third Division was also changed back in 1992 from Football League Fourth Division, following the creation of the Premier League. Currently, there are 24 clubs in this division. The three best teams go to League One. Also, a fourth team secures a place in League One, thanks to play-off games from the fourth place to the seventh.

Two teams are relegated from the National League. Meanwhile, the best two teams gain promotion from the National League. The classification of League Two calculates the number of points, goals scored, goals conceded, and the number of cards.

Meanwhile, in terms of finance and broadcasting, EFL League Two is sponsored by Sky Sports Package. The name of the league Sky Bet League Two is an extension of the Sky Sports package. Clubs must pay the salaries to the players only if the total does not exceed 55% of the club earnings. In that manner, clubs maintain an economic balance. Also, they seek to keep the budget under the logic of financial Fair Play.

League Two will keep entertaining fans and show intense football. Fans want to see their teams in action. The average attendance of League Two is 4924 spectators according to Transfermarkt and will go higher in the next seasons. That means also that more spectacle is coming.

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