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UEFA Conference League is a new competition launched by UEFA in the 2021-2022 season. It is the third competition by importance. The goal of the UEFA Conference League is to expand the geography of football in cities that fail to qualify for the Europa or Champions League. The competition has 32 teams in the group phase. Teams play in the knockout stage and in the final to decide the winner each year.

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UEFA launched the competition officially on 24 September 2019. Later on, the governing body of European Football revealed the identity of the brand on 24 May 2021. The trophy weighs 11 kg and has a brilliant design. This trophy is similar to the trophy of the Europa League.

The format is also similar to the format of UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. Although, in the qualifying rounds, teams that fail to be qualified in the playoff of UCL and UEL, play in the UECL. So teams follow a path from UCL to UEL then UECL playoffs.

Though teams win less than in the Champions League, they have a chance to play in UECL if they are disqualified from the first round of the Conference League. Also, teams that fail to qualify in UCL second round and UEFA Europa League third round win a ticket to play in the playoff of the Conference League.

As it stands this competition brings vital incomes for the clubs that come from the so-called small federations. Teams get 5 million euros for each successful attempt to qualify in the group stage. Also, the teams earn 500k for a win and 200k for a draw in group matches.

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