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Ligue One is one of the leagues that wins more from broadcasters and in spite, its level is comparable to the best leagues. This is because of the popularity that the teams have and the local fans urging them to follow their teams. This League has a considerable amount from broadcasters around 24 million pounds for each season. Ifollow and Sky Sports are the main broadcasters for this league.

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Competition Info

EFL League One is the second-highest division in the EFL hierarchy and the third league in English Football rankings. This league represents one of the most entertaining leagues and has an international audience. Although the number of teams is higher than in other championships, 24 teams, the rivalry is fierce. Also, teams play intense football which makes matches attractive and interesting to follow.

The EFL League One is presented a few years ago as Football League One and it is a recreation of Football Second Division. Meanwhile, the structure of the league is quite simple, teams play two rounds with each other. As it stands, the two first teams go directly to the EFL Championship.

Teams in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth place go in a play-off to decide the third team that will play in the Championship. The battle to stay is hard though, with the lower four teams that are relegated. Also, the attendance is at high levels and this makes the whole league an attractive football business.

Milton Keynes Dons is the team that has more seasons in this league. At the same time, Fleetwood Town is the team that holds the record for consecutive appearances, since the season 2014-2015.

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