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We allow only essential cookies and the data that our website is registering goes to different service providers. You can decline cookies at any time in the given message when you visit our site. Essential cookies in no way, collect sensitive information about your navigation. The only information taken is used to calculate the traffic quality of the site.

Cookies on our website are provided by Google and YouTube. These websites use cookies to understand users’ behavior and at the same time collect stats about the user experience in their content.

Our company seeks to inform you about the latest in sports. You take the content in different forms such as written content, video content, and images. You can select all the information you want and at the same time be interactive with the content you are seeing.

Website Content and Embedded content from other websites

Our company seeks to inform you about the latest in sports. You take the content in different forms such as written content, and audio-visual content. You can also find tabs and other related content that inform you regarding the match time zones and TV Broadcasters in each country.

There is a particular kind of content that informs you about the match time zones and the TV Broadcasters for each country. We use online search to find the best open sources in order to bring accurate data for time zones and TV Broadcasters. However, the information we serve may be similar to the content that other aggregators serve. This is because the channels are the same and the content is definitely similar. We want to inform you with the best results possible and in no way republish other aggregators’ information. The content is similar because of the nature of the content (in this case TV broadcasters are the same).

Citations and Quotations of the interviews are another piece of content that can be similar to other publishers. We can’t modify Citations and Quotations and as a result, the product will be similar to other online products. In these cases, when we get citations from other online sources, we always mention the source. This is made with respect to all the content publishing rules, to denote the original writer and at the same time not to change the Citations and Quotes. Our goal is to bring original content and to respect others’ rights to the content.

Posts and Articles on this site may include embedded content (e.g. images, articles, rankings, etc.). Embedded content from other websites means that other sites have their right over the content. It may come with disclaimers and attributes that are available in the embedded form and these attributes are put from the original website in the embedded content. They have their own privacy policy and disclaimers and we as a website respect their right to the content privacy policy and copyright.

But at the same time, we are not responsible for your navigation in their content. This means for example if you watch match highlights and that redirect you to a YouTube video, the content provider and the video provider have the rights over the content and you are consuming this product respecting their privacy policy rules.

Any navigation with these third-party servers is your responsibility and we can guarantee your rights over the service as long as you stay on our website.


You have the right to comment on every blog post. The information we collect from your comment includes email, name and surname, and website data (it is optional). These data stay on our website together with the comments you choose to make. If a blog post is deleted the comment and all your data are deleted from the front end of the website.

But your comments remain in the database together with your personal data. They will be deleted after a year period if the post where you made the comment is deleted. We collect this data in order to be sure that is not a spamming comment and at the same time make sure that the source is a true person.

We keep your data as an instrument to identify comments and this data is never sold or used in any other way to make any kind of other activity, including the collection of information to promote our products and other content we have on the site. We don’t use your data to collect info about you and we don’t send this data to anyone else, to big advertisers or other pages. Your data is never used to create stats reports about this website. It is our policy and guidance to not use your personal data in any form.

Meanwhile, we try to answer your comments and provide positive feedback for anyone who chooses to comment on our site.

We require your data to submit comments in order to reduce spam and keep the website safe from any automated form. You are not allowed to make comments that have destructive content.

-You are not allowed to make comments that include:

-Sexual abuse

-Animal cruelty

-Racist comments

-Comments that abuse based on gender, nationality, and religious views

-Comments that motivate violence or promote any kind of violent action

-Promote pornography

-Include the use without permission of any other content

-Promotion of any kind of derogative content

-Any comment, that violates GDPR, GDPA or Privacy Policy

-Comments that try to trick users into giving bank information or any personal information

-Any other comment that has content that publishes users’ data

-Automated forms or automated comments

-Comments that serve as backlinks or any illegal form of other site promotion through automatic posting


If you find the content is not informative or it is breaking any rule concerning the privacy policy if you are a user and the owner or the representative of another entity you can send us an email in our contact form.

You must include all your data and connection with the company and if you are a user of the website, your data with the reason for the violation of the privacy policy. Also, you need to include other supportive files such as images and videos with the reason for the violation. We will review and give you an answer in both cases not later than 48 hours after the report is sent.

It is our duty to be transparent and provide useful feedback for our users and the response you’ll get for every inquiry we get is a product for deep analysis and the content in question will be reviewed.