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Serie A is the top league in the Italian football system. It is live in more than 190 countries, expanding the geography of the transmission in new territories. New sports packages have the rights to broadcast Serie A matches in the USA and South America. Serie A wins from TV rights, 670 million euros per season, to be the main source for club earnings and investment in Italian football.

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Competition Info

Serie A operates as a league from 1929-30 season. 20 teams play in Serie A from August to May to decide the winner and the relegated teams. Four teams go in the UEFA Champions League, one team in the UEFA Europa League, and one in the UEFA Conference League. Three teams are relegated to Serie B and three teams are promoted from Serie B.

The league is famous for the quality of football, the defenders, the style of football, and the dominance of its teams in Europe. Among the other teams, three teams are the biggest of Serie A. Juventus, AC Milan, and FC Internazionale rule the league each season. They fight for the title and hold the Italian flag in Europe.

Serie A is known for its tactics and the school of coaches, the Coverciano. Big names in Italian management are the head coaches of European Clubs. Their style of football is the manual of modern football. Several teams in the history of the league have implemented a new style of play.

Arrigo Sacchi put into play the total football back in the 80s with AC Milan. Inventing the attacking fullbacks and new movements of football, Sacchi won several titles with Milan. This was the first step on what is vertical football, with tactics and principles that work and bring success.

Serie A will continue to bring innovation to the world of football. At the same time, this will be the fueling force for the Italian National Team.

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