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Premier Division in Ireland is brought to the fans by LOI TV, which has the broadcasting rights of the championship. All live matches are available on this platform and are also available worldwide. RTE 2 Ireland also broadcasts the matches. Five games are live on RTE Network and RTE Player under the contract that RTE has with the Irish Federation of Football.

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Competition Info

Ireland Premier Division is the top level of football in the Irish Football League System. In the Premier Division, there are 10 teams from Ireland and Northern Ireland. Firstly, it is a cross-boarding league with clubs participating from the north too. The league days make it interesting as organizers don’t want their teams to play at the same time as the Premier League of the UK.

Irish Football has made some improvements sending squads in the Europa League group phase. Furthermore, the level of football in Ireland is clearly higher and we can see this in the National Team Football. Three teams go in Europe from the Premier Division, the first place in the Champions League, and two remaining places in UECL.

Meanwhile, two teams are relegated from the Premier Division, the last place and the ninth place with play-off, after some changes in the format over the years.

Although, the League has a global audience thanks to the agreement that FAI has with LOI TV, the attendance in stadiums is modest. The attendance is not as high as it would normally be for a primary league, with the teams that share almost the same number of spectators. The average is approximately 3500 spectators and it is a good percentage compared with the capacity of the stadiums.

Lastly, the economy of the league depends on the sponsors that clubs have. Also, the agreement that the league has with SSE Airtricity, a renewable energy company, helps the economy of the clubs.

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