Takehiro Tomiyasu has signed a new contract with Arsenal.

Takehiro Tomiyasu and Arsenal will extend their collaboration until 2026 despite Bayern and Inter Milan’s interest.

The Evening Standart reports that he will extend his contract for 12 months after his return from the Asian Cup, where he represented his home nation Japan.

He has been an asset as a fullback with the Gunners and will have the chance to show his skills in a team that is competitive day by day. The recent weeks have shown an increase regarding with the team’s performances.

The Gunners have played in high levels and Arteta needs his way of playing and the quick adapting skills for his movements on the pitch. But this is not the only reason. Arsenal needs a defender like him to balance things in the dressing rooms.

He can play as a right winger or a left winger. Takehiro Tomiyasu knows the details of the game and can read the matches perfectly. The defender can help in the attack also and can change the game quickly.

Arsenal’s role

These are the reasons Arsenal wants to keep the defender for another year with the option of another extension for another 12 months.

Here comes into play the project the club has for him. They brought him from Bologna for £16 million and since then the player has been integrated with the club. Arteta has his plans for him and can find flexible positions on the pitch.

Plus he has a sixth sense on the attack, a skill that Arsenal needs the most. Zinchenko seems to be the first option, together with Ben White, but nothing is excluded for the 25-year-old. He can return to be the first alternative if he can prove independence in his characteristics as a player.

This is highly motivating for the club, which wants credibility and integrity among its players. Arsenal is a team of born stars and they need as much quality as possible in all roles.

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In a team play 23 players…

This is a huge difference nowadays, with big teams that have a lot of options. Managers need to pick the right names for the starting eleven. Each manager should evaluate the market and should find the right balance within the team.

But all the fans, the manager, and the players know that in a team play only 11, a reality that is subject to change. With the increase in the number of subs, things have changed and this brings new ideas to the pitch.

Managers have two squads and they need a robust selection for the starting eleven. This is one of the basic tasks of a manager. For Takehiro Tomiyasu a new hybrid position would be ideal if the player proves his personality and independence as a character on the pitch and the dressing room.

Bayern Munich interest

When a team like Bayern calls, a player must respond. Although the agent of the player denied a direct involvement of the team from Munich, some bookmarkers claimed that there has been some interest from Bayern Munich.

Thomas Tuchel needed a defender who could act in the midfield and adapt to new movements. This is his main skill and he has more to show in the pitch.

But for the moment, Bayern are in the second place in the Bundesliga behind Leverkusen and Arsenal are winning ground in the Premier League.

This is one of the reasons that the player considered his renewal with Arsenal.

Inter Milan’s interest

Well, they wanted the defender in Milan to replace Cuadrado and Darmian in the right wing. He would be a good alternative for Dimarco on the left. So plenty of options for him at Inter also.

But currently, there is a gap between what could be his transfer to Milan and the player’s desire. Although Inter is passing an excellent moment in Serie A, leaving Juventus behind and securing first place, Arsenal is his priority.

Another good reason for calling Takehiro Tomiyasu in order is to make sure that the team can have some guarantees during the season and this is vital for the Inter board.

But Inter was not willing to spend for a player that has one year left in the contract and this is the reason that they stepped back for the player.

PSR regulations

The reason that Arsenal did not aim for more years in the new extension is that they want to comply with the PSR. Profit and Sustainability Rules is not just a good guide by the Premier League clubs, but is also an instrument of punishing the ones, which are not compatible with these rules.

Furthermore, each club is the subject of Investigation by the EPL to ensure the quality and balance of the game. Arsenal or any other club is ready to respect these rules and do not add anything to the table without permission.

But among the other things this extension is fully compliable with the PSR rules and the player and the club have no obstacles to continue this journey.

Players performance

He has played 630 minutes in the Premier League and scored one goal in this season. This is something that the club has analyzed. Arsenal have taken into consideration his consistency and his style of play.

This has done its own change in the nature of the player and his relationship with the club. This is the reason the club decided to apply the one-year extension annex, predicted in the first contract.

Takehiro Tomiyasu has five Champions League appearances and provided two assists in this Champions League campaign. He will continue to keep his high-level play with the Gunners.

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