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Ireland First Division is the second-highest division in the Irish Football League system. In this division 10 clubs in a promotion-relegation system. First Division is broadcast to the fans worldwide by LOI TV. This sports package has an agreement with FAI to cover the main leagues in Irish football. LOI TV brings all the matches live for the fans and can be watched on any device.

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Competition Info

Ireland’s First Division is the second most important division in the Irish Football League system. Saying so, this tournament represents the chance for each team to be promoted to the Premiership. The media coverage is equal to the Premiership, and this is a huge advantage for this league compared with the other teams and leagues in other similar countries. However, the need for fans and bigger revenues makes the teams perform at a certain level below the required average of Irish Football.

Media Coverage by LOI TV brings quite revenues for the clubs. In terms of broadcasting and playing grounds it is motivating for the teams to play and compete. At the same time, other sponsorship agreements offer vital revenues for the clubs. Also, these clubs are active in the transfer window. Although the prices of player transfers are not equal to the Premiership, this league offers quite a deal for young promising players.

League One is played usually on Fridays and Saturdays and offers a unique sports package for the fans in Ireland. Meanwhile, the distribution could be better to win more audience. Irish First League has an audience that follows the games. The prices that the LOI Package has makes it affordable for the fans to watch it.

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