Formula 1 2023-2026 Live Stream and Satellite data about the races, channels that broadcast each race, and general information about the best race competition in the world.

Formula 1 is by far the best racing competition in the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) hierarchy. Since its inaugural season in 1950, the competition has faced immense growth in audience and several sports packages bought the right to transmit the races. Formula 1 operates as a single organization. The races are organized in different countries, known as Grands Prix. The Grand Prix is organized in circuits.

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Cars of Formula 1 are the last word of technology combining the last word of aerodynamics. Wings, DRS, and all the construction of the engine make the Formula 1 car an example of technology and innovation. The cars are also a high speed example and engineers try to develop faster models. Engines are evolving to a new level.

In the future we will experience faster vehicles and the adrenaline will be higher. Pilots must have the experience to drive the car and at the same time must have a license from FIA to drive the cars. Also, the circuits must be at optimal level before the tests and the race.

Four qualifying tests are split into two qualifying days to determine the positions before the race. The pilot that wins the pole position has more chances to win and at the same time gets the most points. System of points with the first place gets 25 points, the second 18, and the third 15 points.


The best driver and the best constructor win the title at the end of the season. Profits vary from the commercial contracts and the TV rights that the televisions have. Formula 1 Title brings up to 100 million $ for the constructor. Meanwhile, the title for drivers means extra bonuses and better incomes. The average salary for drivers is 15′ 000 $ for a single lap. Drivers like Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton earn around 27’000 $ for a lap.

It is quite impressive that the level of the race and the competition has increased in the last few years. Teams go for close duels and the spectacle. Also, the constructors that are fewer favorites merge their forces to bring more quality brands and to be on top each season. Formula 1 will continue to entertain the fans and we will see more fancy stuff in the future.

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