FIFA launches an investigation for the uncompleted transfers of Benhrama and Pablo Fornals.

Federation Internationale Football Association has launched an investigation against West Ham for the uncompleted transfers of Pablo Fornals and Said Benhrama.

Daily Mail reported that both Lyon and Real Betis were furious about the failure of these transfers and this was the cause for this investigation.

Lyon was ready to sign Benhrama live on TV when the brokedown happened. The French club reportedly made the last call to FIFA regarding this problem. They were extremely upset with the player who had previously passed the medical tests in Lyon.

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West Ham manager David Moyes said that it is a big word to use before we show exactly what happened. This seemed to be an excuse but in these circumstances, the best way is to clarify at club level.

Because the coach is not a lawyer, this has to be solved institutionally. Betis on the other hand were less embarrassed saying that this was caused due to a West Ham problem. They wanted to sign Fornals for the sum of £6.5 million.

Both Lyon and Betis are now waiting for the FIFA Conclusions to at least have an idea of how this can make quite a precedent.

Lyon was the side that was affected the most and they claim that the club delayed the process intentionally.

This happens due to an atmosphere of abuse and PSR rules should come into play. To prevent other cases from happening West Ham should create a so-called transfer policy and a transfer status that predicts all the cases and at the same time create boundaries for some transfers.

West Ham through their agents should decide where and when to sell to keep the players they need and sell the players they want. This must happen in total compliance with PSR regulations. Furthermore they need to make clear their position before the settlement and have reserved movements.

FIFA should respect the rights of the clubs to buy and sell players. And as long as all international laws nothing should prevent clubs from making their next moves.

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