Ange Postecoglu says his team handled the game until the equalizer.

Ange, your thoughts on this performance of your side today the 2-2?

Oh look, it is obviously difficult to try and come, play, and dominate, and half of the most part we handled it ok. In the first half, we started the game very well, it was a bit of composure to keep the ball a bit better in the first half.

Second half I thought it was ok. Created some great chances. Probably needed a third just to kill the game off, because you know it is gonna happen in the next ten minutes, and really disappointed to then concede the equalizer.

Can I ask you about the second goal, clearly felt like Vicario was fouled in the build-up… Do you have any complaints about that?

Does not really matter if we get complaints. Yes, it is just a… maybe just with us… but in general referees are reluctant to call these and leave it to VAR to decide those decisions so we just got to cop it.

And after all the controversy and all these goal celebrations in the midweek, Richarlison was classed today, wasn’t he not only with his goalscoring, but his reaction as well?

In terms of…

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Classy in terms of being a former player here, he obviously respects the Gos…

I did not say that, but yeah I thought Richie was… Yeah, he is good again not with his goals but his general play was again really important for us. He worked hard for the team and I said during the week there is more to come from Richie. He was working hard for this game.

How disappointing is obviously, you would have targeted set pieces as something that they would be very good to concede from two of them.

Just as disappointing to concede any goal. I mean it is not like they had two set pieces and had two goals. They had clearly 30 set pieces and you know it is stuff you gotta deal with. And like I said it seems like at the moment any sort of contact in the box… Referees are reluctant to call and then it comes down to VAR intervention which I don’t like anyway. So yeah we gotta deal with what’s there in front of us and move on.

You just felt that you were in that part of the game when you needed to control…

We needed another goal cuz like I said what is going to happen in the last ten minutes and you know it is almost inevitable regardless of what you do you are going to be under pressure here so that is kind of we needed a little bit of buffering, then we had the opportunities be fair Pickford made some good saves as well so that kind of kept them in the game. So like I said we gotta take on the chin and move on…

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