‘I’m the BOSS! 3-0.. De Bruyne on the BENCH WITH ME!’ | Every word Josep Guardiola said after Man City 5-1 Luton

Press conference with Man City’s Pep Guardiola after his side’s 5-1 win at home to Luton.

In the game, he feels much better, but he’s injured now. We’ll see in the next few days, but he feels good. If he feels good, maybe he can help us in minutes because it’s a final. But I don’t want to lose him for a long time. We’ll decide tomorrow. He’s going to train a little bit, and we’ll see what happens. I know how important Kyle is against the players for Real Madrid, but always, it was not in Madrid, and the behavior, as Manu and John and Ruben and Josco, they played incredibly well. So that’s why we’re going to see.

Have you looked at the video back of Tuesday yet?

No, I didn’t see it. Not yet. No, never do that as a manager. Before, you know, I always had the feeling that it was like a respectful Luton or the other one. For tonight or tomorrow morning, I will start to review all the games and see. But they surprise us with the position and the players, and I have to take a look. I think Carlo’s experience can do something differently, and we have to be prepared. Sometimes, try to impose our game and put pressure on our game.

When you get to this stage of the season, the stage of the Champions League, do you sense an increase in the levels of your players’ focus?

Yeah, the problem was after travel, October, November. I see all long season. Oh, a long season. And that is the moment you have a tendency to not be completely focused. It’s normal, and we spoke a lot. The contenders we have with Arsenal last season, Liverpool again, and others, so we cannot draw much. That’s why still, we are there. The only biggest difference between Arsenal, Liverpool, and us, they won a lot of points in extra times, a lot, and that helped us to be in the position that they are.

Of course, for many things, they are good. All three teams have done incredible seasons, all three. But they won a lot of points for the talent they have. Because when you say no, it happened once, twice, what happened for eight years for Liverpool, many times, and Arsenal many times. Because it’s a talent, it’s credit to them. It’s not completely the opposite, but in that department, they are much better than us. And that is the reason. But still, we are there, or still being there. What I said before, so what a privilege is.

I could not change the position that you have for any other team. So after, we on this season, still, live for that, play for something, not play for other things. So for the big trophies, still, we are there. Again, it’s so good. This is when we see the best of your team, yeah, they relish the pressure. Yeah, they like to play the pressure. They like the, you know, it’s dead or alive. So yeah, they did it. That doesn’t mean we are going to do it, but that we are there.

They will be there until the end. I’m pretty sure because I know them. I see their faces before the game in the meetings, how they prepare. That means win Premier League? No, I’m not saying that. But they will compete, that’s for sure.

Kevin, when he came up, yeah, no. Be me, today. Sorry, if you want to stay on in the pitch. No, no, no. I’m the boss with 3-0. Minute bench, Ben, with me. Last, when we’re done, please, guys, another sort of teen news. One was Phil Foden supposed to start today, and it was a late change. Phil was supposed to start today, but it was a late change. No, he’s perfectly fit. No problem today. Phil is no problem. He’s perfectly cool. A lot of leaks, uh, uncorrect. Thank you guys. Thank you guys for.

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