‘EVERYBODY knows Cole is the taker! I am SO SO UPSET!’ Every word of Mauricio Pochettino Chelsea 6-0 Everton.

EVERYBODY knows Cole is the taker! I am so so UPSET!’ | Mauricio Pochettino | Chelsea 6-0 Everton

Hello! Obviously, great result and a great performance, yeah, but the first question I know I guess about to say, we saw you on the TV, you’re clearly very… No, no, no. Yes, I think after, we need to talk about the game because it was a fantastic game. But first of all, I want to tell you to make clear that they know, the player knows, the staff knows, and the club knows that the taker on penalties is Cole Palmer. All that happened after is a shame. I am so, so upset about the situation.

We were talking in the dressing room about the image that we sent because it’s Monday night, you know, football. And I said in every single country, they were watching the game and we cannot send this type of image. It’s a shame. I want to apologize to the football people and our fans because that is unacceptable, and discipline is the most important thing on the team. That is a collective sport, that, of course, players need to show that they have the hunger to score goals and everything.

But I think this type of situation is going to take… You know, the decision if that happens. We were talking in a very good way because I see we need to make clear the situation. But I’m not going to accept again this type of behavior, and it’s going to be very strong, strong. I’m going to be very strong. It’s… Unseen even close, happen like this, you know? I’m not going to… I was telling… I was telling them, and I promise it’s not going to happen again. That is part of the process that we need to learn, that we need to…

When you have a young, you know, squat, uh, that sometimes the personal aims, the individual things are in front to the collective. When you ask me about why we are not consistent, why we are not performing sometimes, why we show some good performance, and then we drop in our… Because the standards, because the standards, the Y Squad needs to have, you know, very clear that they, of course, they are a very good asset of the club, but in the same time they need to perform for the team.

And they need to, you know, uh, to really learn quick because we are in Chelsea and demand is so high saying that. I think we need to move on and talk about the game because I see 6 nil again a very good team like Everton, uh, score six and the clean sheet. I think he is about to be happy.


No, or maybe we can’t stop finishing that. Will there be any punishment for non-andones for their part in this? No, no, it’s not. We know work about punishment. What is punishment? It’s about to learn. They are young. They are young guys, you know, that they behave like this. And of course, I think was very good the action of, uh, Gallagher like a captain that goes there and, you know, I was talking about them, about them. But I think it’s we cannot show, you know, that type of behavior. That is a punishment for everyone, for everyone, because all know who was the taker. And who is the taker?

If Cole is on the pitch, he is the taker from the day that they start to play. We also need to remember also when it was a very difficult situation, remember Barnley, the penalty, no one wanted to take and he was and took the ball and showed the personality from there, started to be the… Who took the look that happened? We were talking. I can’t explain all that we were talking about there because I told you now the first question is going to be the question that you are asking me. And that is a shame.

Only I can apologize. And it’s not going to happen. The discipline and it’s going to be I’m going to be more stronger. And, you know, and if they behave like a kid here, it’s impossible. We cannot behave like like it. And we cannot, you know, after an unbelievable game that we were playing from the beginning to talk today about that is really is a shame. And I see it’s an acceptable thing.

And we don’t deserve to talk about that. And I see apologize to my… The fans apologize to the people because, um, in the way that we behave is was so egoist part of the… Of the player. But I think it’s part of the process when you talk about, yes, it’s not easy to build a team. It’s not easy to build a team. It’s not easy. That is why I think that, um, it’s about to learn and to be strong in our decision. When I told you we have all the information to take and to make decision for the next season, that is type of things that we are going to to pay attention.

Okay, got two here and then we’re going to finish for today. Jacob Jack finish. Did, um, non-and Jackson accept they were wrong? Did they apologize to you? Sorry, did they apologize to you players? I think we are all agreed that this type of behavior cannot happen again, and they were wrong. Jack, you mentioned TV that if it happens again, they will all be out. Yes, will it have any impact on the weekend for the FA Cup, their places? No, no, that is not work like this. I think they are not experienced players, you know, that they know really know what they are doing. They are young. They are a kid.


They need to experience some, you know, some situations to learn. And I think we are like in any school that they need to show that they were wrong and now they need to learn. If they don’t learn, yes, after we will take some decisions. But now he’s about to learn. He’s about to use this type of experience to move on and be better.

Okay, we could’ve done that topic. We’re not going to answer anymore on that now. Jerry, if it’s one on the game, we’ll do that and then we’ll finish. Rito, when you signed Cole Palmer, sorry, when you signed, when you first saw Cole, when we signed, yes, not me, yes, yeah, the club, did you think he was a player who could score 20 Premier League goals? I never…

The player, uh, when we signed, it’s always we expect the best. Um, it’s no surprise to us, but of course, um, was a player that always with the capacity to score goals when was playing, you know, in Manchester City, and you were seeing that the capacity to score easy, you know, but I think in the way that he adapts himself on the team, on the club, and I think in the way that he’s playing and performing, it’s fantastic. Of course, he’s not a top scorer, but he’s behaving like a top scorer, and I think he’s amazing for the team, amazing for him, showing that, you know, that is the club made a right decision signing him.

We’ll leave it there. Thank you very much. Good evening. Thanks.

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