Roger Schmidt’s press conference after Morereinse.

Interviewer: Can you share your opinion about the match and its implications for Thursday’s game?

Coach: The match displayed some positive signs, which is always encouraging. Winning is a boost for confidence, especially against a strong opponent like Morrenza. They’ve had a good season, and scoring against them is no easy feat. It took us some time to dominate the game due to several changes in the lineup, but eventually, we performed well, scored goals, and kept a clean sheet. It was also essential to give some players rest after a demanding schedule in the past weeks, ensuring everyone is fresh for Thursday.

Interviewer: Regarding Alvaro Orun Koku’s situation, can you provide an update on his status?

Coach: Alvaro is currently on loan, and there’s an option for Benfica to keep him. He hasn’t had much playing time recently due to Frederick’s excellent performances, but he’s a talented player. We’ll decide what’s best for him and the team later. Right now, our focus is on the upcoming matches.

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Interviewer: You mentioned the challenge of making lineup decisions. How do you feel about having a wealth of options?

Coach: It’s indeed a challenging aspect of the job, but having many good options is positive for a club like Benfica. In the past matches, we’ve seen consistent performances from the starting eleven, but today was an opportunity for other players to showcase their abilities. It’s a good sign for the team when players are ready to step up and perform whenever needed.

Interviewer: Your thoughts on Sporting’s performance and their potential championship win?

Coach: Sporting has been exceptional this season, and they deserve to win the title. It’s significant for the club after a long wait, and they’ve played fantastic football. We’re focused on our own goals but acknowledge Sporting’s achievements.

Interviewer: Can you comment on Alvaro Orun Koku’s role as a number 10 today and his versatility in different positions?

Coach: I’m pleased with Alvaro’s performance today. He’s shown versatility by playing in various positions. We have several options in midfield, and each player’s role depends on the team’s needs and the opposition. Alvaro has the potential to be in the starting eleven, and I have no doubts about his quality and mentality.

Interviewer: Despite the challenging situation, do you still believe winning the title is possible?

Coach: Winning the title might not be entirely in our control now, but we’ll continue to focus on winning our games and putting pressure on the leaders. Anything is possible in football, and we’ll keep fighting until the end. If Sporting wins all their games and becomes champions, they deserve it, but we’ll be ready to seize any opportunity that arises.

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