Wayne Rooney to join Steven Gerrard in Saudi Arabia. Gerrard already picks Holden as his assistant.

Former Derby manager Wayne Rooney will join Steven Gerrard in Saudi Arabia reports Sun Sport and this will be accompanied by a new policy in the transfer window.

His adventure with Birmingham was not the best one and he knows that he needs time and fresh thoughts to be ready for a new project.

It is not about dictating strategies, but Saudi Arabia and Steven Gerrard will lift him from the current football situation in a project that can secure him a future job as a coach. But in his last adventure with Birmingham was spoken for paradoxes and obstacles were created.

The Birmingham board may have been a little bit in a hurry when they contacted Wayne and the amount of information they had about the manager was not sufficient to make a good adventure with Birmingham.

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Here comes Steven Gerrard into play… He is doing a good job with Al Ettifaq who are in eighth place. He lost Jordan Henderson in the January transfer window but won Dean Holden as his assistant. Despite his seven wins in the last 21 games, he has the chance to show himself and make progress along the way…

But this is not a door closed for Wayne Rooney who has the chance to join the team and still be a valuable asset for the club. Holden like Ronney has managed in the League One teams like Charlton and Bristol City.

Now it is something different. Saudi Arabia is a different matter. The Arabian Gulf is extremely popular for its conservatism regarding football. They want success and they want it the hard way. No board would sign to finish in the relegation zone.

In Saudi Arabia, they also know one big fact that is consistency and practice. This means that one should persist in his ideas and compete with the best to win. This is not the only basic factor, but also the lack of results is something to be considered.

The last games of Al Ettifaq have shown us the need for a better spirit of collaboration with his staff. And Rooney can be the perfect name for his team.

What can bring Rooney into the team?

Wayne can bring a new way of managing the team, and help Steven Gerrard to make some changes in the attacking line. He can also serve as a good connector with the rest of the staff, by bringing the best values of the first coach in the squad.

His experience in his last adventures in the USA and England can help Al Ettifaq. Also, he can deliver new forces and exploit the existing ones, especially in the attack. Gerrard will take into consideration to appoint him if the club needs him to surpass the difficult situations.

As it stands Rooney and Gerrard can be a valuable duo at Al Ettifaq…

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