Walter Mazzarri returns to the Napoli bench.

Walter Mazzarri will be the next coach of Napoli and returns after the 2013 season after giving the azzurri one Italian Cup.

The president of Napoli Aurelio de Laurentis appointed the coach after sacking Rudi Garcia. Napoli are in the fourth place in the table and the President decided to sack the coach after four games without a single win.

Mazzarri’s task is to qualify Napoli for the Champions League group and to make possible a qualification for the next Champions League season.

In the first period in Naples he managed to turn Napoli in Europe after the mid 90’s and this was seen as a historical success. He created a group after the so called the three tenors Lavezzi, Cavani and Hamsik.

The level of football was extremely high and in that time this made quite a big news in Europe.

This time things are different. Napoli are Italian Champions after 33 years after the success with Luciano Spalleti, who switched for Italian National Team.

Mazzarri’s duty

Mazzarri’s duty is to bring the glorius times in Diego Armando Maradona stadium.

He has some problems though and the first one is to bring on the pitch a compact defence. Since the departure of Kim Min Jae to Bayern Munich, the squad concedes more.

It is true that there is still Amir Rrahmani the Albanian defender of Kosovo, who gave his team the big points last year, but he is not enough.

The wings are not the same although Giovanni di Lorenzo and Oliveira are there. They need some extra boost and if the fans remember the wings in Mazzarri’s time with Maggio and Zuniga some top quality fullbacks might notice the difference and assume the reasons why the president has called the coach to lead Napoli.

Another problem is the formation and the module Napoli will play.

The coach plays with three and currently the team are playing with four. This means that some names will be forced to accept the bench.

Osimhen is also not integrated with the club as he faced some problems with the club following the racist posts in the social media.

Another deal is Kvicha’s form and the role he might have in a possible 3-5-2 with the new coach. He must reconsider his position at the club, but this will be a case to be reconsidered later.

Only the first matches will give a quick view on how Napoli will function with the new coach and the tactics to be implemented will be public match after match.

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