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UEFA Nations League started its activity back in 2018 after discussions for a third competition for the UEFA Confederation. The 54 four teams are divided into four groups and play at the same level. The four best teams from the group A play in the finals. Portugal is the first winner of the UEFA Nations League. This competition gives centralized TV rights profits to the Federations. That means that from the total earnings a favorable share of revenue will be given to the small Federations. The UEFA Nations League is broadcast in more than 120 countries worldwide and has an equal audience in numbers with European Qualifiers.

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Competition Info

The UEFA Nations League is a result of several propositions by the main actors in UEFA and the federations of Norway and Belgium. The competition started in September 2018 and ever since it represents an example of equality. The best teams play in the same groups. Therefore, the spectacle is at the highest levels. Saying that the format supports the promotion of best teams, but also secures a playable ground for less favorite teams.

At the very beginning, the format was 12 teams in Group A, 12 teams in Group B, 14 teams in Group C, and 16 teams in Group D. But this format changed in the 2021-2022 season, with Groups A, B and C having 16 squads and the Group D having 7 teams. Promotion and relegation is quite simple. The first team of group A and B is promoted and the last is relegated. Meanwhile, the last four teams of Group C pass through a play-off double-leg matches. In that manner, two losing teams are relegated to Group D.

The UEFA Nations League is live on major sports packages. Saying so it is a highly profitable engagement for all the participating teams. That means that the teams will win more by playing in UEFA Nations League.

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