UEFA Euro 2024 groups revealed. See who will play who…

Euro 2024 groups and fixtures revealed. It was a tough draw for Spain, who will face Italy, and Germany who will play Hungary, Scotland, and Switzerland.

Group A: Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland.
B: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania.
C: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England.
D: Play-Off Winner Path A, Netherlands, Austria, France.
E: Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Play-Off Winner Path B.
Group F: Turkiye, Play-Off Winner Path C, Portugal, Czechia.

First matches

This will be the tournament of the surprises and teams will have to play at the highest levels in each group. Germany will find Scotland in Munich to be the first match in Allianz Arena, in Munchen on 14 June, 21:00 local time.

Italy waits for Albania in Dortmund and Spain plays Croatia in Berlin on the evening of 15 June, 21:00 local time.

Hungary will play against Switzerland on 15 June to decide the first outcome of group A at 15:00 local time. This match will be played in Cologne.

Serbia plays England at 21:00 local time, in what could be considered the most difficult test for the East European team. Three Lions will have to give their absolute best to defeat the Serbians, who are expected to make a good tournament.

The second match of day three will be played on 16 June with Stuttgart which waits for the Slovenia vs Denmark meeting at 18:00 local time.

The Play-Off Winner Path A will meet the Netherlands in the first match of the day at 15:00 local time. On 17 June Austria will play France in Dusseldorf at 21:00 local time and also the matches of group E will take place.

Belgium plays Slovakia in the second match of group E at 18:00 in Frankfurt and Romania plays the Play-Off winner Path B in Munich at 15:00 local time. This group is also the group where all the teams will play to be positioned in the first place.

Portugal plays Czechia in the first match of the group F in Leipzig at 21:00 local time. Turkey plays the winner of Path C at 18:00 local time.

Second Phase

Other matches will be played between 19 and 22 June and the third phase of the Group Stage is between 23 June and 26 June.

Croatia plays against Albania on 19 June in Hamburg at 15:00 local time and Scotland waits for Switzerland in Cologne at 21:00 local time on the first day of the Group Stage. The third match is between Germany and Hungary in Stuttgart at 18:00 local time to close the first day of the Group Stage matches.

Spain discusses the qualification in the most important match of group B against Italy in Gelsenkirchen, who play to show their best performance in this campaign on 20 June at 21:00 local time.

Denmark plays England in Frankfurt on the same day at 18:00 local time and Slovenia plays Serbia in Munich in the first match of the day at 15:00.

Play-Off winner Path A plays Austria in the second match of day 8 in Berlin at 18:00. The Netherlands plays France in Leipzig on the same day at 21:00 local time in the evening.

Slovakia plays Play-Off Winner Path B in Dusseldorf in group E in the first match on the evening of 21 June at 15:00.

Play Off Winner Path C will play Czechia in Hamburg on 22 June at 15:00 local time. Turkiye waits for Portugal in Dortmund at 18:00 local time and Belgium completes the evening against Romania in Cologne at 21:00 local time.

Third Phase

The last matches of round three start with Switzerland and Germany playing in Frankfurt at 21:00. Scotland plays Hungary at the same hour in Stuttgart on 23 June.

June 24 is the day of group B with Croatia facing Italy and Albania facing Spain at 21:00 local time.

On 25 June group C plays at 21:00 with two matches England vs Slovenia in Cologne and Denmark vs Serbia in Munich. Group D plays at 18:00 with Netherlands playing Austria in Berlin and France vs Play Off Winner Path A in Dortmund.

Play Off Winner B waits for Belgium in Stuttgart and Slovakia plays against Romania in Frankfurt in the last matches of group E at 18:00 local time.

Group F plays on the same day as Play-Off Winner C faces Portugal and Czechia playing against Turkey to close the Group phase of the tournament.

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