Thomas Tuchel and Bayern to depart ways at the end of the season.

This was not the best way to say goodbye to Munchen, and for Thomas Tuchel is not motivating to just start from scratch with Bayern after an initial rejection.

Tuchel is one of these coaches who has no option of losing and definitely, he does not want an adventure of regret in Munich. He had a good season this season and has achieved second place in the Bundesliga and the semis of the UEFA Champions League. Despite that elimination from Saarbruken in the DFB Pokal, Tuchel’s season with Bayern is positive.

Well in the opinion of the board, this is not enough, and seems that both parties agree to split ways. But has been Tuchel the one who has made a press declaration about the case and expressed his opinion about his departure.

Tuchel expressed his disappointment as he emphasized the need to stay motivated as a team. This motivation is important before the second leg of the UEFA Champions League against Real Madrid. The coach thinks that the best way is to split ways with mutual understanding.

“Since we agreed to part ways, Bayern has been looking for a new coach. I’m guessing even before our conversation. That’s bad motivation to then say: Ah, let’s do it again with you. Nah. From that point of view, that’s clear.”

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Bayern’s New Coach

So the coach and the board have clarified what is the future for both parties. So what is ahead? To understand that we must analyze both parties. Bayern wants a good alternative and the possible replacement for Tuchel could be Roger Schmidt of Benfica.

But nothing is official yet as the parties need to clarify conditions and at the same time have the minimum acceptable conditions of work, before signing a piece of paper. Another alternative is Zinedine Zidane the ex-coach of Real Madrid, who would be a perfect option for Bayern Munich.

Zidane has not a club and this makes him a good option in the preferences of the board of Bayern Munich. He can bring new ideas, and a new philosophy and furthermore, contribute to the development of the club.

Zidane has all the qualities to be the head coach of the club, but the only question is the adaptivity to the culture and the requests of the club. This makes the board still search and find the best coach for the club. There is another problem for Zidane. Manchester United is after him as they want to end their collaboration with Eric ten Hag.

Tuchel can be the next move of Man Utd

But Manchester United can move in the direction of Thomas Tuchel. He can be the next coach of the team and can offer more experience in the Premier League. Tuchel has been part of Chelsea, winning the UEFA Champions League back in 2021. He has what it takes to give United a new style of play.

Tuchel has the right mentality to start things in Manchester and make it for United. Mirror reports that Sir Jim Ratcliffe wants him in Manchester and this is a plus for Tuchel. He can win the competition with other colleagues and this is good news for the German Coach.

Tuchel has some requests for the beginning of this adventure. It would be difficult for him to work without the comfort that has accompanied him in his previous adventures in England. He must find new balances in the team. Also, Tuchel must deal with the return of players like Mason Greenwood and Jadon Sancho.

He knows Dortmund (the club where Sancho is loaned) and can make quite a change in Jadon’s career. He can find the right balances for Greenwood and the club if he decides to go in Manchester. But as is stands this is a hypothesis and nothing is clear yet. Tuchel is an excellent coach and is the right choice for the bigs who want him.

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