The FA Director compares Netanyahu with Hitler.

A post on the X platform would be a subject of discussion in the different networks with the director who deleted the post later on.

Wasim Haq published and then deleted his message on X where he compared the Israeli Leader with the ex-German Chancellor, who was one of the fighting parties in WW2. The post caused debate, with Wasim who decided to unpublish his post.

“Netanyahu has sacrificed his own people to stay in power, while the Palestinians try to keep the sense…

“Adolf Hitler would be proud of Benjamin Netanyahu.” The English Federation has decided to move and open an investigation regarding with this case.

Wasim Haq who holds the position of the representative of the BAME communities (Black, Asian, and ethnic minorities) apologized for his message.

Haq also a member of the tennis and golf federation said after the message that he is not anti-semitic and he had no offensive purpose. A spokesman for the FA said that Haq’s message is unacceptable and highly offensive and the performance of the member of the board will be investigated.

Why this comment?

This message is only one of the few messages that was written after the Israeli-Palestine war. It seems that everybody wants to profit something from this case.

And they do the job quite well.

The roles in the FA, as football players not only seem to be the perfect position to throw the dose of uselessness in this matter. What concerns more is the lack of responsibility and the competence of the main actors to defend themselves in these moments.

What is really important is that football is highly involved in this matter and wants to add bullshit in a case that simply cannot be solved by them.

The most common thing is to keep your place, politics stays with politics and football stays with football. These individuals must fill their day with other things, that is all.

As per the case, it was silly that comparisons without a single point of connection are made for different times.

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