SES-6 at 40.5°W Satellite Data now

SES-6 at 40.5°W including all the world zones with the specified Beams and the bands for each zone in East and West Atlantic, Europe, South America, and more.

General Data

Satellite Name: SES 6
Status: Active
Position: 40° W (40.5° W)
NORAD: 39172
Cospar ID: 2013-026A
Official Website: Click on the Spot Beam images below to visit the official website.
Launch date: 3-Jun-2013
About: SES 6 Wikipedia
Launch vehicle: Proton M
Launch mass (kg): 6140
Dry mass (kg):  
Manufacturer: Airbus Defence and Space
Model of the Satellite: Eurostar-3000
Orbit: GEO

Spot Beams

  C-Band Hemi Beam West
C-Band Hemi Beam East
Brazil Ku-Band Beam
SES-6 Ku-Band Coverage
West Atlantic Ku-band beam
 SES-6 Ku-band East Atlantic
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C Band
42 dBW41 dBW40 dBW39 dBW38 dBW37 dBW36 dBW35 dBW34 dBW33 dBW32 dBW31 dBW30 dBW
80-100 cm90-115 cm100-125 cm115-145 cm125-160 cm145-180 cm160-200 cm180-225 cm200-255 cm225-285 cm255-320 cm285-360 cm320-400 cm
Ku Band
50 dBW49 dBW48 dBW47 dBW46 dBW45 dBW44 dBW43 dBW42 dBW41 dBW40 dBW39 dBW38 dBW
50-60 cm55-65 cm60-75 cm65-85 cm75-95 cm85-105 cm95-120 cm105-135 cm120-150 cm135-170 cm150-190 cm170-215 cm190-240 cm


SES-6 is a geostationary communications satellite operated by SES S.A., a global satellite operator based in Betzdorf, Luxembourg. The satellite is positioned at 40.5°W longitude in the geostationary orbit, providing a wide range of telecommunications and broadcasting services across the Americas, Europe, and the Atlantic Ocean region.

Technical Specifications

The SES-6 satellite was built by Airbus Defence and Space and is equipped with 43 C-band and 48 Ku-band transponders. It has a design life of over 15 years and is powered by solar arrays, ensuring continuous operation in orbit. With its high-powered beams and advanced technology, SES-6 delivers reliable and high-quality data, voice, and video services to its customers.

SES-6 is an essential component of SES’s satellite fleet, supporting a variety of critical applications such as direct-to-home (DTH) broadcasting, VSAT networks, cellular backhaul, maritime connectivity, and government communications.

Coverage and Services

The SES-6 satellite provides extensive coverage over the Americas, including North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean, as well as parts of Europe and the Atlantic Ocean. Its strategic orbital position at 40.5°W enables seamless connectivity and widespread access to a diverse range of services.

Customers across various industries rely on SES-6 for broadcasting, broadband internet, telecommunication links, and data networking. The satellite’s robust coverage footprint and versatile frequency bands make it an ideal platform for delivering content and connectivity to both residential and enterprise users.

Benefits and Capabilities

SES-6 offers several key benefits and capabilities that make it a valuable asset in the satellite communications landscape:

  • Reliability: SES-6 is designed to deliver highly reliable and uninterrupted services, ensuring business continuity and seamless connectivity for users.
  • Flexibility: The satellite’s multi-band and multi-beam architecture provide flexibility in addressing diverse market requirements and adapting to evolving customer needs.
  • High Performance: SES-6’s high-powered transponders and advanced payload technology enable the delivery of high-performance data, voice, and video services with exceptional quality and efficiency.
  • Global Reach: While primarily serving the Americas, SES-6 also extends its coverage to parts of Europe and the Atlantic Ocean, offering global connectivity and accessibility.
  • Scalability: With its extensive capacity and scalable infrastructure, SES-6 supports the expansion of services and the introduction of new applications, driving innovation and growth in the satellite communications market.

Whether it’s delivering entertainment to millions of households, empowering businesses with reliable connectivity, or enabling critical communications for government and maritime operations, SES-6 plays a vital role in meeting the diverse needs of its customers.

As technology continues to advance and the demand for connectivity grows, SES-6 remains at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge satellite data solutions, contributing to the seamless integration of digital services and the expansion of communication networks across the regions it serves.