Raul Gonzalez knits compliments to Jude.

Raul Gonzalez speaks with the word of the champion in address of Jude Bellingham and he predicts a bright future for him in Madrid.

He says that he is surprised in many aspects and he knew Bellingham but he was fascinated when he met Jude and saw him playing in the pitch. Raul adds that he trains players of the same age who share the same values.

“With the road that he has taken, nobody could have imagined.

“I had that luck when he came in the first training sessions with the first team. He surprised me.

“I knew him, but seeing nearly the things he makes gives another sensation.

First impressions…

“He is a player with a personality and too much talent that has won the admiration and respect of the club and the whole of Madrid, the Madrid fans and the football fans also. Bellingham liked me in the first place when I was at his presentation, his way of speaking and understanding.

“I train the players that are the same age and he has superior qualities in many aspects.

“He is scoring more goals than we his supporters were hoping for and he doing far better than the expectations. He has it all, knows how to play, how to give assists, and is a player who runs for the team and scores goals.”

“I think he has integrated and it is phenomenal to watch and will continue for many years ahead.”

Raul is training Real Madrid Castilla and he hopes to find the first names for Real Madrid. He has been one of the greatest players that this team ever had and his opinion about the team is always a message about the board.

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