Premier League’s lowest spending since 2016…is it a warning for the future of the competition…

With £96.2 spent on 12 permanent signings, this is the lowest Premier League rating in eight years and according to the biggest TV broadcasters of this league, this is a huge dropdown in the industry.

Aston Villa was the only club that practically won something in this transfer window. They sold Finn Azaz to Middlesbrough for £2 million.

This was the only movement that gave something back to Premier League clubs, which are forced to respect Premier League and UEFA Financial regulations. With ongoing investigations for some clubs maybe this was one of the expected results of this transfer window.

Eight Clubs signed players permanently with Palace being the team that spent most with £30.8 million. They bought Adam Wharton from Blackburn for £22 million. Palace also bought Genk right back Daniel Munoz for £8.5 million.

The full list of the clubs is led by Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs hold the record for the most expensive signing of this window Radu Dragusin transferred from Genoa for £26.7 million.

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Luton £1.7 million, Brentford £2.6 million, and Nottingham Forest £5 million are the clubs that spent less in this transfer window.

Manchester City bought the youngster Claudio Echeverri for £12.5 million and this was the only movement for the citizens. The club from Manchester was reserved in the movements because of the PSR which stands for Profit and Sustainability Rules and it is a new guide for the clubs to act based on a fair policy of transfers.

What is PSR?

This spreadsheet tells what is allowed and what is not and the limitations and the penalties for each step that goes against the regulations.

In these decent times, it is probably the best way to follow a certain path away from irregularities and in the spirit of fair competition. But this is not only about Profit and Sustainability Rules or PSR but also about participating in a competition that is more secure and guarantees the perfect conditions for fair competition.

Furthermore, this is a new way of dictating club spending and for some, this is not the best way of doing business.

Is this the best way to gather more investments in the future? Maybe we won’t be able to answer this question soon, but as it stands PSR will have to restrict some clubs from crossing the line.

This should not be a sign of fear to confront these actors, who have been able during the years to collect with money, that kind of power that football should give with time. This is not the best way for football fans to be informed even for the ones who are part of the industry, the TV shareholders, and other independent reporters.

Other transfers
Player Transfer FeeDestinationComing From
Morgan Rogers £15 mAston VillaMiddlesbrough
Daniel Munoz £8.5 mCrystal PalaceKRC Genk
Joe Gauci £1.3 mAston VillaAdelaide United
Daiki Hashioka £1.7 mLuton TownSint-Trudiense
Valentin Barco £7.9 mBrighton and Hove AlbionBoca Juniors
Matz Selz £5 mNottingham Forest Strasbourg
Hakan Valdimarsson £2.6 mBrentfordElfsborg

These transfers are expected to make the teams even stronger and the competition at the highest levels.

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