Pavard injury update: Kneecap pain can hold him 40 days off the pitch.

Pavard was presented in Appiano Gentile with a maxi-wrap all around the knee and with a smile on his face.

He replied to the journalists asking him about his health and that he was only afraid that the kneecap could move out of place. He is under therapy, in a good mood, and optimistic about his return.

Pavard is waiting for the MRI to detach the scale of the injury and take the proper time to recuperate his knee.

Only the analysis will say if the player will return in 2023 or not. Benjamin Pavard has all the desire to return to play as soon as possible.

After the unnatural move of the kneecap on the last Sunday in Bergamo, the whole club is waiting for the answer to the analysis.

The coach Inzaghi knows that he is one of the most important elements of his team and also Inter improves their level of play with him on the pitch. The analysis will serve also to exclude the need for a surgery intervention.

The analysis

The first results suggest that Pavard can be out for a month or so with the injury on cruciate ligaments also not present.

The diagnosis is telling for a milder subluxation or a harder dislocation. It depends on whether the detachment of the joint between the femur and the patella will be partial or complete.

The medical staff spoke with the player if the patella was stable after the first night.

On top of that the club will think of other alternatives to replace him, with Darmian and Bisseck available. Inzaghi will try to the best-fit player in that position and will have to concept the team without the player,

Pavard is a great player for the Inter needs but the player had never played with three at the back.

Of course, he had suffered injuries when he was part of Bayern Munich, but this time things are different. Maybe he needed more time to adapt to the team and Inzaghi should have given this chance to him.

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