Luiz Diaz delivers a message to his father after scoring the late equalizer against Luton.

Luiz Diaz scored the last goal against Luton in the 95th minute and dedicated the goal to his father.

The player is not passing the best time in the personal aspect and this was one of the reasons to be more motivated before the match against Luton. He scored in the last breath and dedicated the goal to his father.

Luiz Diaz was one of the best players for Liverpool in this game and performed at a high level.

Liverpool needs his services and everything has gone wrong for the striker since the game against Tottenham. That disallowed goal was a bad sign of the things that happened in the player’s life.

The reason…

The kidnapping of his parents by ELN happened one week later and despite the release of his mother, the terrorist group is still holding his father.

He gave a strong message to the group with his goal and asked them to release his father. Although the group has taken one step back, these things are common in Colombia.

The country has a high crime rate and these things happen in this country every day.

But Diaz has turned this into a personal matter and wants to put justice in place with his good games for Liverpool. The Reds seem to support him and this motivates the player.

He will continue to play and be in the best form for the team and will continue to contribute to his country.

The player’s engagement with Columbia is questionable due to the events that have accompanied the player. Luis Diaz has expressed his maturity and availability to play for the national team and this will not change for the moment.

The player will continue to perform at the highest levels for the Reds.

He has all the support of the coach Klopp and the team. This adding the motivation that this sport gives to him will change many things in a short period.

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