Luis Diaz’s father is finally free after days in captivity by ELN.

The paramilitary group ELN finally released Luiz Diaz’s father on Thursday after being kidnapped 13 days ago, the local media and Police Departments report.

Luiz Manuel Diaz was handed over to the Catholic Church after being abducted on Oct 28, in his neighborhood Barrancas. The group also captured the mom of the footballer, but she was released minutes after the kidnap took place in a petrol station.

Local media reports that Mr. Manuel Diaz will be examined in the city of Valledupar for any health problems, before returning to his family.

The authorities say that he is in a good mood and healthy without any sign of mistreatment. Local Newspapers reported that the family members of Mr. Diaz were emotional and in tears after his return home.

Their relatives took cars and celebrated in the streets after his return. They all wore shirts of Diaz’s with the number 23 and his name attached.

How this was commented on in Liverpool?

The coach Jurgen Klopp told the press that his player was extremely happy that his father was finally free.

Liverpool also made a statement expressing the club’s satisfaction regarding his release. The player did not prefer to make a public claim but sources in the club can confirm that he is a completely different player after this wonderful news for him.

Reactions in Colombia

The cousin of Mr Diaz, Luiz Alphonso Diaz told the press that he was emotional after the release and this episode caused sadness in his family.

President Gustavo Pedro reacted on the X platform: “Long live Freedom and Peace.”

The Columbian Federation of Football also expressed their gratitude about this news thanking all the the authorities responsible for his release.

The backstage

ELN is one of the most powerful paramilitary groups operating on the Columbian- Venezuela border. It was established in 1965 and has more than 2500 members.

Since then they have been fighting with the state and have been very active in several operations.

Unfortunately, the objective was Luiz Diaz but this situation was clarified after 13 days of anxiety. The popularity of Luiz Diaz in the county caused mass reactions and that made the group retreat from his first position.

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