Kingsley Coman wants to leave Bavaria this summer as the new club is a secret.

Kingsley Coman has not excluded a farewell to Bayern Munich in the last press conference he had before the game Netherlands vs France.

He told the press that if he does not secure a place in the starting eleven then he will consider swapping teams. For the moment Koman has no concrete interest from any team as a possible move to PSG would light up the midfielder’s career.

But other options are not excluded as well with Real Madrid and Barcelona that would welcome the movements of the 27-year-old.

Coman sees the transfer as a good option to boost his career and currently in Munich, he is not finding too many spaces with Gnabry and Sane playing in the starting eleven.

Coman was asked for a possible return to PSG (you can watch the question starting from minute 13) and did not give a direct answer, but let anything open.

Coman return in Paris would occur after nine years since he left for Juventus back in 2014.

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Coman’s return to Paris would occur after

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