Joshua Zirkzee can be part of Milan next season…

Joshua Zirkzee can be part of AC Milan’s attack according to the sources near AC Milan and he will lead as the first alternative of Rossoneri next season.

Zirkzee is one of the best players of Bologna and he made the most of the season under the command of Thiago Motta. Now he has to show his skills in a big club. The player can play as a winger as well as in the center and his versatility can help AC Milan be more competitive.

Joshua Zirkzee can adapt quickly to the atmosphere in Millanelo and he can develop himself as a player. He knows he has a lot of responsibilities in the new squad. At the same time, Zirkzee has to find what is called the winning mentality and fill the gap left empty by Giroud.

Now, as it stands, AC Milan has to find new ways of attacking and he is the perfect player for the attack. But the tale does not end here as Zirkzee will have to get the club’s permission to transfer to Milan.

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The agreement

Geoffrey Moncada and Giorgio Furlani want to lower the costs and Bologna is ready to sell the attacker for just 20 million euros. It exists a pre-agreement but nothing is official yet. Because the clubs have to find the right terms to make this deal happen. Furthermore, there must be a verbal agreement with the player for his annual salary.

The salary of the player seems to be in the range of 4 million euros per season and this will please both parties. This is one of the main concerns for both directors of AC Milan as they want things to be done with the player.

Now the club has to make a decision after the departure of Stefano Pioli. The new coach has to find a new mentality at the club and make the right decisions. Paulo Fonseca is the name that is closer to the club for the moment and he wants a team ready to compete in the UEFA Champions League. Fonseca wants more alternatives in the attack with the AC Milan that are searching for alternatives in England.

AC Milan have won the race with Arsenal and Manchester United for Zirkzee. This is an important step forward and both parties know they have a lot to do in terms of adaption. The player though scored 11 goals in 34 games for Bologna and wants to keep the good performances in the upcoming season.

The player profile

He is not part of EURO 2024 with the Netherlands and maybe this is one of his personal regrets. But the player sees forward to start the new season with the same intensity he started this year with Bologna. He has a lot to learn with AC Milan and this is quite obvious.

The relationship with the new coach will be essential in his journey in Milan. Consistency is one of the qualities that he has possessed since he was part of Bayern Munich. The player is a UEFA Champions League winner with Bayern and Milan already knows his qualities and the importance of having him in the squad.

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