Hispasat 30W-5 at 30°W Satellite data now

Hispasat 30W-5 at 30°W general data including all the sources of the satellite, spot beams and detailed insights about this satellite.

General data

Satellite Name: Hispasat 30W-5 (H30W-5, Hispasat 1E)
Status: Active
Position: 30° W (30° W)
NORAD: 37264
Cospar number: 2010-070A
Official Website: Click on the Spot Beam to visit the official website
Launch date: 29-Dec-2010
About: Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out more about the satellite
Launch vehicle: Ariane 5 ECA
Launch mass (kg): 5320
Dry mass (kg): 2171
Manufacturer: Maxar Technologies (SSL/MDA)
Model of the Satellite (bus): SSL 1300
Orbit: GEO
Expected lifetime: 18 yrs.

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Spot Beams

Hispasat 30W-5 at 30°W Satellite data now
Europe and Americas Beam


The Hispasat 30W-5 satellite, positioned at 30°W, is a vital component of the Hispasat satellite fleet. It serves as a communication satellite, providing a range of services to users across Europe, the Americas, and North Africa. With its advanced technology and extensive coverage area, Hispasat 30W-5 plays a crucial role in facilitating telecommunications, broadcasting, and internet connectivity.

Technical Specifications

The Hispasat 30W-5 satellite is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring high performance and reliability. Here are some of its key technical specifications:

  • Orbital Position: 30°W
  • Operator: Hispasat
  • Manufacturer: Space Systems/Loral (SSL)
  • Launch Date: September 11, 2002
  • Power: 5.4 kilowatts
  • Transponders: 28 Ku-band and 1 Ka-band
  • Footprint: Europe, the Americas, and North Africa

Services and Coverage

The Hispasat 30W-5 satellite offers a wide range of services to meet the diverse communication needs of its users. Its coverage area spans across Europe, the Americas, and North Africa, providing reliable connectivity to millions of people.

Some of the key services enabled by the Hispasat 30W-5 satellite include:


The satellite facilitates telecommunications services, allowing individuals and businesses to connect with ease. It enables voice calls, video conferencing, and data transfer, ensuring seamless communication across vast distances. Whether it’s a phone call, a video meeting, or transferring important files, the Hispasat 30W-5 satellite ensures reliable and high-quality connections.


Hispasat 30W-5 plays a crucial role in broadcasting, enabling the transmission of television and radio signals to a wide audience. It supports the delivery of digital television channels, allowing viewers to access a diverse range of content. Additionally, it enables radio stations to reach their listeners with clear and uninterrupted broadcasts.

Internet Connectivity

In today’s digital age, internet connectivity is essential, and the Hispasat 30W-5 satellite helps bridge the digital divide. It provides internet connectivity to remote areas where terrestrial infrastructure is limited or unavailable. This enables individuals and communities to access online resources, educational materials, and communication platforms, empowering them with information and connectivity.

Benefits and Impact

The Hispasat 30W-5 satellite brings numerous benefits and has a significant impact on various sectors and communities. Here are some of the key benefits:

Improved Communication

By providing reliable telecommunications services, the satellite enhances communication capabilities for individuals, businesses, and organizations. It enables seamless connectivity across vast distances, fostering collaboration, and facilitating the exchange of ideas and information.

Enhanced Broadcasting

The Hispasat 30W-5 satellite revolutionizes the broadcasting industry by enabling the delivery of high-quality television and radio signals. It expands the range of available channels and ensures that viewers and listeners can access diverse and engaging content.

Connectivity in Remote Areas

One of the significant advantages of the Hispasat 30W-5 satellite is its ability to provide internet connectivity to remote and underserved areas. This helps bridge the digital divide, empowering communities with access to online resources, educational opportunities, and e-commerce platforms.

Emergency Communications

In times of emergencies or natural disasters, reliable communication is crucial. The Hispasat 30W-5 satellite plays a vital role in providing emergency communication services, enabling rapid response, coordination, and support during critical situations.

The Hispasat 30W-5 satellite, positioned at 30°W, is a vital component of the Hispasat satellite fleet. With its advanced technology and extensive coverage area, it enables telecommunications, broadcasting, and internet connectivity across Europe, the Americas, and North Africa. Its reliable services and broad range of applications have a significant impact on various sectors, improving communication, expanding broadcasting capabilities, and bridging the digital divide.