Former Belgian International wounded in a shooting in Brussels.

Ilombe Mboyo, a former Belgian international is wounded during an assassination attempt in Brussels, reports Sudinfo.

The man suspected to be the orchestrator of the attack shot into the crowd hitting the objective with one bullet in the head and three bullets in the body. This event took place on Wednesday night, hitting the ex-attacker of Ghent in his arm.

The reason for the attack seems to be drug trafficking and the attacker is found in the middle of the storm.

He has no connection with drug trafficking and this was only a coincidence. His presence has nothing to do with the dynamics of the event. This is not the first case when footballers find themselves in such difficult moments and in the middle of criminal cases.

But Mboyo has no connection and is distanced from the scene and is open to giving his view on the event.

The Belgian Police is investigating the case and new conclusions will be published soon. This is one of the events where a famous figure is included in such an event with a specific nature.

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