FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Live Stream and Satellite data, channel coverage, and sports packages information, and general information about each confederation.

FIFA World Cup qualifiers include the qualifying tours from CONCACAF, COMNEBOL, UEFA, CAF, AFC, and OFC. All confederation sends several teams in the finals of FIFA the World Cup depending on coefficients. All qualifying systems are different and subject to change. CONCACAF and COMNEBOL have more audiences and are live in more sports packages. Except for UEFA qualifiers that have a split system, all other qualifiers are included in the FIFA qualifiers. FIFA TV brings some matches for free on their site, and YouTube channel, and all other matches are live in respective sports packages in each confederation.

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Where to watch FIFA World Cup Qualifiers on Satellite and Live Stream?

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Qualifications Info

CONCACAF qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup 2026 are different due to the automatic qualification of the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Four low-ranked teams play in the first round in two legs. Then together with the best 28 teams with better positions in FIFA, they are divided into six groups with five teams each. Twelve qualified teams play in three new groups with four teams each. The three best teams go to the World Cup group stage. The two best-ranked teams go to play in inter-confederation play-offs.

COMNEBOL qualifiers will produce the same number of qualified teams as in the last World Cup. The competition format has remained unchanged since 1998. The six best teams go into the World Cup 2026 group stage. The seventh team plays in the inter-confederation play-offs. Teams play twice with each other.

CAF has decided that the format for qualifying in the FIFA World Cup will change. Nine groups of six teams will send their winners to the FIFA World Cup. The four best second places will go in a play-off to decide the place that will play the chances in inter-confederation play-offs.

AFC-qualified teams go in a system of five rounds. In the first round, 22 less-ranked teams play to qualify 11 in two legs. These teams will join the best 25 teams in the second round to be split into nine groups with four teams. Teams play in two legs with each other. The first and the second teams are qualified for the AFC Asian Cup and are in the third round of the qualifiers.

The third round divides the teams into three groups of six teams. In this round, the two best teams go to the World Cup. Third and fourth places play an extra round. In the fourth round, the remaining six teams are divided into two groups with three teams each. Teams play two leg games with each opponent and the two group winners go in the World Cup. The runners-up go in the fifth round to play in inter-confederation play-offs.

OFC: For the first time, one team from OFC will go directly to the World Cup. The organization of the qualifiers is subject to change.

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