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Euro 2024 occurs in Germany, which is probably the state with the top football infrastructure in Europe. Not only the stadiums, but the whole way of organization makes Euro 2024 a competition that will be sold more than any other Euro in media. According to various sources, this competition covers all of Europe and more than 50 sports packages worldwide. This brings this competition to the same level as the FIFA World Cup. The level of football is the highest with the best national teams returning to play in one location.

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Competition Info

European Cup is the ultimate stage for European teams that face each other in 24 squads group stage. After Euro 2020 success it is time for Germany to prove that has the same capability to host a giant competition like the Euros. Now speaking this is the most-watched national team competition in Europe.

In terms of media coverage, Euros represent a highly value competition, comparing it with other UEFA Competitions like the UEFA Champions League. However, the situation is different, with the national TV that has the rights of broadcasting and other sports packages that offer high bids for the rights of broadcasting. Meanwhile, more than 60 national TV-s cover European games and the finals also. At the same time, 30 sports packages already have secured the rights to broadcast the finals.

The groups of this competition consist of single matches to decide the best two squads that advance to the knockout round. Also, in the knockout round squads play a single game. Saying that teams have to play one round more. Lastly, the teams that reach the final discuss the title and share other privileges as well. The finalists gain better UEFA and FIFA rankings, more income, and more glory, which means media and other sponsor agreements.

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