EchoStar 14 at 119.0°W Satellite data now

EchoStar 14 at 119.0°W Satellite data, spot beams, and general data about the coverage and the usage of satellite and its benefits.

General data

Satellite Name: Echostar 14 (Echostar XIV)
Status: Active
Position: 119° W (119° W)
NORAD: 36499
Cospar ID: 2010-010A
Official site: EchoStar Corporation
Launch date: 21-Mar-2010
About: Echostar Wikipedia
Launch vehicle: Proton M
Launch mass (kg): 6379
Dry mass (kg): 3223
Manufacturer: Maxar Technologies (SSL/MDA)
Model (bus): SSL 1300
Orbit: GEO

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Spot Beams

EchoStar 14 at 119.0°W Satellite data now
Ku-Band Conus Beam
Ku-band Spot A01 (Seattle)
Ku-band Spot A02 (SF)
Ku-band Spot A03 (Spokane)
Ku-band Spot A04 (Fresno)
Ku-band Spot A05 (Phoenix)
Ku-band Spot A06 (Bismark)
Ku-band Spot A07 (SiouxFalls) 
Ku-band Spot A08 (KansasCity)
Ku-band Spot A09 (Dallas)
Ku-band Spot A10 (CorpusCristi)
Ku-band Spot A11 (Lansing)
Ku-band Spot A12 (Columbus)
Ku-band Spot A13 (Shreveport) 
Ku-band Spot A14 (NewOrleans)
Ku-band Spot A15 (Hartford)
Ku-band Spot A16 (Bangor)
Ku-band Spot A17 (Greenville) 
Ku-band Spot A18 (Raleigh)
Ku-band Spot A19 (Orlando)
Ku-band Spot A20 (Tampa)
Ku-band Spot A21 (Butte)
Ku-band Spot A22 (Flagstaff)
Ku-band Spot A23 (ElPaso)
Ku-band Spot A24 (Alaska)
Ku-band Spot A25 (Alaska)
Ku-band Spot A26 (Cuba)
Ku-band Spot A27 (Hawaii)
Ku-band Spot A28 (Hawaii)
Ku-band Spot B01 (Bend)
Ku-band Spot B02 (Medford)
Ku-band Spot B03 (LasVegas)
Ku-band Spot B04 (SanDiego)
Ku-band Spot B05 (DuluthSuperior)
Ku-band Spot B06 (GrandJunction)
Ku-band Spot B07 (Denver)
Ku-band Spot B08 (Albuquerque)
Ku-band Spot B09 (OklahomaCity)
Ku-band Spot B10 (Houston San Antonio)
Ku-band Spot B11 (San Antonio Houston)
Ku-band Spot B12 (Madison)
Ku-band Spot B13 (Springfield)
Ku-band Spot B14 (Nashville)
Ku-band Spot B15 (Birmingham)
Ku-band Spot B16 (Philadelphia)
Ku-band Spot B17 (New York)
Ku-band Spot B18 (Savannah)
Ku-band Spot B19 (Jacksonville)
Ku-band Spot B20 (Fort Myers)
Ku-band Spot B22 ( Puerto Rico)
Ku-band Spot B21 (Miami)
Ku-band Spot B23 (PuertoRico)
C Band
42 dBW41 dBW40 dBW39 dBW38 dBW37 dBW36 dBW35 dBW34 dBW33 dBW32 dBW31 dBW30 dBW
80-100 cm90-115 cm100-125 cm115-145 cm125-160 cm145-180 cm160-200 cm180-225 cm200-255 cm225-285 cm255-320 cm285-360 cm320-400 cm
Ku Band
50 dBW49 dBW48 dBW47 dBW46 dBW45 dBW44 dBW43 dBW42 dBW41 dBW40 dBW39 dBW38 dBW
50-60 cm55-65 cm60-75 cm65-85 cm75-95 cm85-105 cm95-120 cm105-135 cm120-150 cm135-170 cm150-190 cm170-215 cm190-240 cm

About Satellite EchoStar 14

The satellite EchoStar 14 is positioned at 119.0°W and is an important component of the satellite fleet. Meanwhile, it plays a crucial role in providing a wide range of services. It includes television broadcasting, internet connectivity, and data transmission.

Technical Specifications

EchoStar 14 is a geostationary satellite that operates in the Ku-band frequency range. It was built by Space Systems/Loral and launched into space in 2010. The satellite weighs approximately 6,300 kilograms and has a design life of around 15 years.

Equipped with a powerful payload, EchoStar 14 has a total of 32 transponders that allow it to provide high-quality broadcasting and communication services. The satellite has a coverage area that spans across North America, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Services Provided

EchoStar 14 offers a wide range of services to its customers. Some of the key services provided by this satellite include:

Television Broadcasting

One of the primary functions of EchoStar 14 is to facilitate television broadcasting. It enables the delivery of various TV channels to viewers across its coverage area. The satellite receives signals from broadcasters and transmits them to households, ensuring seamless and reliable television viewing experiences.

With its extensive coverage area, EchoStar 14 allows viewers in remote and rural locations to access a diverse range of television channels.

Internet Connectivity

In addition to television broadcasting, EchoStar 14 also provides internet connectivity services. It enables broadband internet access to users in areas where terrestrial internet infrastructure may be limited or unavailable.

By leveraging the satellite’s high-speed data transmission capabilities, internet service providers can offer reliable and high-quality internet connections to residential and commercial customers. However, this is particularly beneficial for users in remote areas, where other forms of internet connectivity may not be feasible.

Data Transmission

EchoStar 14 plays a crucial role in facilitating data transmission for various applications. It allows businesses and organizations to exchange data over long distances. Saying so, this makes it an essential tool for industries such as finance, healthcare, and telecommunications.

Whether it’s transmitting financial data, medical records, or voice communications, EchoStar 14 ensures secure and efficient transmission of information. Its reliable and high-capacity data links enable businesses to operate seamlessly, even across large geographical distances.

EchoStar 14 is a geostationary satellite located at 119.0°W, providing a wide range of services including television broadcasting, internet connectivity, and data transmission. With its powerful payload and extensive coverage area, it plays a vital role in delivering essential services to users across North America.

Also, it enables TV channels to reach remote viewers, provide internet access in underserved areas, or facilitate secure data transmission for businesses.