Dani Alves will be sent before the court for his case of sexual assault.

Dani Alves will be sent before the court in Barcelona for sexual assault on a young girl in December of last year.

This is not the first time that the ex-defender of Barcelona is forced to testify for the accusations, but this is the most serious test so far for the Brazilian player. He has to defend himself before a trial jury and find strong lawyers and strong arguments.

His current lawyer Ines Guardiola, who replaced Cristobal Martell, is following the case very carefully.

The penalty that he is facing right now is ten to twelve years in prison and this seems a bit harsh for the ex-footballer. The trial is the place that will clarify many things but as it stands all the evidence is in the favour of the victim.

The official accusation

A 23-year-old young girl in the Sutton Night Club in Barcelone was attacked and a victim of sexual assault.

This is the official accusation that keeps Alves in prison and that can be a subject of change in the trial of the next week. The option of compensating the victim is still available but seems that will not reduce the sentence.

His lawyer must find a new way of defending including the testimonies of the people that were in the club that night.

In the worst scenario, the player has to suffer the above-mentioned 12-year sentence in prison and will have to pay the victim for his assault. Anyway, these are only pre-made assumptions and nothing is official yet.

Finally, this is a huge gap in the image and the career of Dani Alves, who won everything with Barcelona and was on top for many years. He was one of the most important players of that Tiki-Taka cycle and now things are getting worse in his life.

It is paradoxical to be mentioned, but maybe this trial is the most important moment in his relationship with Barcelona since he left his playing career.

He has to make everything clear and will have to fight for his freedom. By far, this seems to be his final battle in Spain this time in the court of law.

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