Astra 1L @ 19.2°E Satellite data now

Astra 1L satellite @ 19.2°E covers the whole continent of Europe in different bands, Ku and Ka-Band in various dWB values for each band.

General Data

Satellite Name: Astra 1L
Status: Active
Position: 19° E (19.2° E)
NORAD: 31306
Cospar ID: 2007-016A
Official Website: Click the Beam EIRP-s on the images below to find the website
Launch date: 4 May 2007
About: Astra 1L Wikipedia
Launch vehicle: Ariane 5 ECA
Launch mass (kg): 4497
Dry mass (kg): 2253
Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin
Model of the Satellite: A2100AXS
Orbit: GEO

Spot Beams

 Europe Ku-band beam
Europe Ka-band beam
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C Band
42 dBW41 dBW40 dBW39 dBW38 dBW37 dBW36 dBW35 dBW34 dBW33 dBW32 dBW31 dBW30 dBW
80-100 cm90-115 cm100-125 cm115-145 cm125-160 cm145-180 cm160-200 cm180-225 cm200-255 cm225-285 cm255-320 cm285-360 cm320-400 cm
Ku Band
50 dBW49 dBW48 dBW47 dBW46 dBW45 dBW44 dBW43 dBW42 dBW41 dBW40 dBW39 dBW38 dBW
50-60 cm55-65 cm60-75 cm65-85 cm75-95 cm85-105 cm95-120 cm105-135 cm120-150 cm135-170 cm150-190 cm170-215 cm190-240 cm