Antonio Conte is the favorite coach to replace Stefano Pioli…

Antonio Conte, one of the most successful managers in Serie A and Italian Football history, is the right name to replace Stefano Pioili.

He has all the qualities to bring AC Milan to the top and this is not only the requisite for his main place on the bench on the Diavoli Rossi, but also an important point to kick-off. Conte himself would be really proud to win with AC Milan, after his successful adventures at Juventus and Internazionale. This is something to start from, but in Milanelo they know that the coach wants quality and dedication from his players.

He should find absolute conditions to start working and return after his tough period in London with Tottenham. In Italy, they all know Conte, especially after consecutive titles in Turin from 2012 to 2014. He won with Internazionale in 2020-2021 and had a difficult period in England afterward. This is his career summary and he has a lot to tell and experiment with Milan. The coach has played with three defenders in his adventures in Italy and Spain and this is one big factor to consider for AC Milan.

Back three successes…

He succeeded with this module in his first year at Juventus and this is not something to forget, beating exactly Milan in that title race. Today things are different and the defensive three is no longer a utopia. He has made this formation a successful one and thanks to his philosophy many coaches have been able to change their way of understanding football. The real question is if it is going to be a 3-4-3 or a 3-5-2 and this is all up to the coach to decide.

But nothing is taken for granted these days and coaches change their minds and tactics over time. He has to decide the best module to make it through in Milan.

AC Milan Factor

There is another factor to be taken into consideration and this is AC Milan itself. First of all the club should consider the system changing and its fullbacks like Theo and Calabria. There is a legacy in the club and the coach knows, despite having the total competence to act. He will find Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the club as a sporting director, an old rival but after all a professional.

Conte will know to create and keep the balance with every actor in the club. After all the best report is the one with the fans and the coach from Apuglia knows he has to deliver his best to bring Milan back on track. The club has shown that they evaluate the situations in detail before interrupting the contracts with the coaches in recent years. Pioli has a contract until 2025 and for the club, this is not a red light. But the main priority is the results and for the Pioli, there is an obligation this season and this is called the UEFA Champions League.

He should be able to position AC Milan in the top four and then consider his adventure with the club. Here comes Conte with a fresh plan and after all strategies which can send Milan all the way to the top. He has all the qualities to make AC Milan competitive and this is not only a promise.

The board will respond to him with the budget and support in his moves and ambitions in the transfer window. As one of the big Italian figures in coaching, Carlo Ancelloti said: “No team can win with low-performing players.”

AC Milan and Conte make a perfect symbiosis of success and they have something to show in upcoming Serie A seasons.

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