Ancelotti confirms Guler’s missing: Real Madrid vs Valencia.

Carlo Ancelotti commented on the situation of the team before the match against Valencia, Guler’s injury, and the opinion about Jude’s form.

“I am lucky to work with players who have extraordinary characteristics. I am proud to coach Real Madrid.

 “If the young people progress well, it is good for the club and for them. 

“I am left with the idea that these players progress because they are very good,” Ancelloti commented on Guler’s injury. He appealed for calm and patience.

“Calm and tranquility.

“Afterward, it is quite normal for a player to be affected. He is new here, he wants to contribute to the team.

“For the injured player, it is always difficult to endure the moment, because you see your teammates training and playing and you don’t.

“His sadness is quite normal, but we give him all the love in the world. We don’t rush him.

“His future is here.”

Ancelloti also mentioned the debate in goal and Kepa’s alternatives.

“There is always debate. The moment Kepa played he did very well and when Lunin was used he did very well. 

“A moment or a less good moment can happen to each one and then the substitute has to be ready.”

“Tomorrow Fran will be the second goalkeeper. We have a lot of confidence in him.

“Cañizares is also doing well at Castilla.”

The coach answered the system change and the shape of the team in different moments of the team. He also mentioned the shape in the defensive moments.

“We have to open a debate about the system. 

“Because on a defensive level, we have changed it, we defended it with two lines of four. The rhombus is no longer clear in defense. 

“It has given us good results. 

“Defining a system with the ball is very complicated: it depends on where Rodrygo is positioned, and where Bellingham is positioned. 

“Without the ball it is clear: it is a 4-4-2.”

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