AC Milan fans will throw fake banknotes at Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Gianluigi Donnarumma left AC Milan for Paris SG in 2021 and this was the turning point for his relationship with AC Milan fans.

The relationship that was broken to be never recuperated again. This was the story of Donnarumma and AC Milan, which now can be seen as mutual hatred.

The transfer was made possible by Mino Raiola, at that time the agent of Gianluigi.

Many things have happened since that day with the keeper who wanted a salary increase at AC Milan.

Today he is one of the most-paid players at PSG and in the market, but this is a sign of AC Milan supporters, who have not forgotten the transfer he made to PSG. They will commemorate his return with fake banknotes.

The message beyond the gesture

These banknotes have a value of 71, which in the Italian tradition means the man with no value.

AC Milan fans are careful with the details and want to give a strong message to the players who see football only as a way to be rich and make more money. At this point, isn’t this the default for everyone living in a society of consumption?

This is a strong question to answer but in the real world athletes are a strong part of society.

They please, entertain and above all fill the free time of an audience, who sees sport as a living manner. This was the time that they wanted to solidarize with the fans who want passion and dedication to the sport as a way to discover new limits of yourself.

But not only that, they want to see the game in the first plan.

This does not mean that the man should work for free but have that energy that boosts the audience and puts sports first. Maybe this is a far greater problem, but the big nights of the UEFA Champions League are the ones that can change the way player thinks.

Football should be for everyone and should be returned in logical economical acceptance, related to other sports and disciplines all around the world.

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