‘We want to win every game from now. Leandro Trossard before Bayern Munich vs Arsenal.

We want to win every game FROM NOW!  Leandro Trossard before Bayern Munich vs Arsenal


If you need any, um, if a German question comes in just put, “Hi guys, thank you so much for coming.” Um, does anyone want to kick us off?

Paul: Yeah, oh, microphone, thanks. Hi, Leand hi. Just wondering after Sunday, how ready are this group of players to react in an arena like this at this stage of the season?

I think everyone is ready like you said. I think we can use it as a reaction. It’s a big opportunity for us. It’s on the biggest stage so everyone wants to show what we’re capable of, and yeah, there’s no better way to do it tomorrow.

Simon: Leandro, just when you’ve got people in the title race sort of saying Manchester City has won it, does when you have people writing you off motivate Squad even more?

I don’t think we need anyone to motivate us. I think our group is experienced enough to deal with those kinds of situations. We had it last year as well. Everyone still believes in it. We’re still tied, and yeah, six games left in the Premier League and we want to win them all.

Sam: Just down here. Hi, you mentioned last year. How different do you think the team and the squad are now compared to a year ago?

Yeah, first of all, I would say more experienced. We had that one last year, and yeah, we have just such a good squad with quality players who can decide games, as well as the last couple of weeks, months how we defended our goal as well. So I think just in general we’ve evolved, and yeah, we’re still in a really good moment.

Ka: Sorry, um, hi Leo. Um, you mentioned the experience from last season of the title race, but at this stage of the Champions League for most of the squad, it’s their first time experiencing it. I wonder, what have you learned across the course of the competition? What did you learn in the first leg? Also, as one of the more experienced players in the group, do you feel a need to help the younger players through the difficult periods in this run?

That’s why every game is tough. Yeah, we have experienced it in the group stage as well as Porto and the last game, but I think we showed character as well, especially the last game where we came back. And obviously, yeah, it’s a top side we’re playing against, and they can hurt you in many different ways, and we need to be on top of our game.

Your goal last week was, I think, it was the sixth goal you scored coming off the bench. That’s more than any other player in Europe’s top five leagues this season. Is it almost because of that a view of maybe you’re better as an impact player? As a player yourself, is that a tag you would appreciate, or would you much rather be seen more as someone who makes more of an impact from the start?

I think I’ve done it both from the start and as an impact. Obviously, it’s nice that you can bring that to the team even when you’re on the bench. You can come in and help the team to get goals, and that’s nice for me. But I think I can do either start. I think I’ve shown myself as well. But like I said, I’m always ready to help the team, whether it’s as a sub or as a starter.

One more up here playing a quarterfinal in the Champions League here in Munich is very special. I think that’s what you aim for as a football player, to come to this stage and to such stadiums. Comparing the Bundesliga to the Premier League is hard for me because I’ve never played in the Bundesliga. I can’t really say anything about it. I know they’re very competitive in both leagues, and that’s the only thing I can say.

A lot has been made of Arsenal and getting to this part of the season with things slipping away. Is it something you’ve spoken about as a squad, not missing this opportunity and letting pressure affect you at this part of the season?

Not in particular, but I think we had just because of one game there’s a lot of talks. But we have been really good, especially this year. We were unbeaten up until that last game, and that’s what happens in football. We just need to keep going like I said before. We want to win every game from now. That’s how we approach every game, and yeah, we just need to keep the right mindset.

Anyone else?

Yeah, one more.

I wonder, have you practiced penalties if it comes to that? And if so, would you step up and take one if it does reach that stage of the game?

To be fair, we do it throughout the whole season and every game we play. On training, we always do pens as well, so I think that helped us as well throughout the season already. And yeah, of course, if the manager wants me to take one, I’ve shown it as well with the Community Shield as well, and last season I took one in the Europa League, so I will always be ready to take one.

Cool, we’ll finish it there. Thank you, guys.

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