‘Thiago an AMAZING GUY, PROFESSIONAL! We will MISS HIM!’ | Mauricio Pochettino | Chelsea v Tottenham

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Thiago is an AMAZING GUY, PROFESSIONAL! We will MISS HIM!’ | Mauricio Pochettino | Chelsea v Tottenham

Hello! Um, can I just get the team news, the latest news ahead of tomorrow’s big game?

Depends. What do you want to know?

Everything? Are all the players back? How’s Reese James? He’s out for the rest of the season. There’s a number of players…

Okay, not good news because we cannot recover any player from the last list. Only we need to add two more players. Thiago and Disasi; will be not available tomorrow. Thiago, obviously announcing he’s leaving Chelsea. It was a very emotional video. Just want to give the opportunity for you to speak about him.

What a brilliant signing he was for Chelsea and how much will the club miss him, and his influence in addressing?

Of course, he’s an amazing guy, an amazing professional. We are not… I’m not going to discover the type of player, you know, playing nearly 40 years old. I’ve seen his amazing career, of course. The player, the fans, the club is going to miss him. And of course, he’s happy. He’s so proud of his career here in Chelsea and in different clubs also. And only to wish the best because he deserves the best.

He said that your speech at halftime against Villa made a real impact and it could have been so different. It could have been three points. Do you still have that anger? Because I thought you handled it well against Man City, but that anger after the Aston Villa match.

Yes, of course. Every single game is a challenge for us. And now we have tomorrow a big challenge against Tottenham. That is a great team like Tottenham. I think it is going to be good. It’s going to be a nice game to play. I see it’s a great opportunity for some to be on the bench and to have the possibility maybe to play.

I think when this opportunity appears, it’s about to have to be conscious and to say, “Come on, step up and say, ‘The kids, we are here and we want to be there and we want to play for the first team on Chelsea.’ And I think it’s a great opportunity tomorrow and for sure it’s going to be a great game.”

Just on, uh, VAR still and Sweden. Sweden rejected VAR and Ange Postecoglou said he might move there. Do you want to move there with him potentially?

Sorry, no VAR in Sweden, and Ange said he might move there. Would you like to join him?

No, I don’t know what he said. What he said that he’s not happy with the VAR from Sunday’s match against Arsenal. Of course, you’ve had disappointments. There’s no VAR in Sweden. He’s going to Sweden, he said as a joke. Do you want to join him on the plane?

Well, maybe, you know, why not?

The Premier League has big news this week on potential spending caps. Are you in favor of spending caps and how do you think it would potentially affect Chelsea and the Premier League?

I wasn’t involved, I am not involved in the process. I don’t know what is the right answer.

Well, I mean, it might affect your recruitment potentially in the summer.

We’ll wait and see then. We’ll wait and see.

Of course, as you’ve mentioned, a huge Derby, but an emotional one for you. It’s a fixture you’ve known very well as well. So just tell us how special tomorrow night is going to be…

I think what’s special when we play there because it’s my first time after leaving the club. And now it’s like, well, it’s a different thing. Of course, always emotional because we are going to meet people that we worked for a long period. And yes, what I cannot hide is my emotion for the club, you know.

And I think, yes, it’s going to be emotional because when you face your former team and when the history was good, you know, that always you remember. And of course, but I think it’s like I told before 90 minutes, we want to win and for sure, is going to be a good game and come here to try to win also. And it’s going to be, for sure, a good game.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Hi, Maro. Hi. Tomorrow will be your 400th game as a manager in England. Did you know that?

No, a lot of games, a lot of games.

So how would you sum up your time here as a manager?

Amazing. I think it’s a dream come true. But it was… I think maybe I explained. I want to be repetitive. It always made me think that coming here to England and being a coach here was impossible thinking. No. I am a machine. But after the decision of my wife and my friend here, Jesus, they convinced me to join Southampton. And yes, I think it was one of the best decisions in my life to come here to England and enjoy this great, you know, football country. And of course, I feel really comfortable. It’s like home.

What has the most challenging time been, would you say?

I think every single period was an amazing challenge for us. I think to right to Southhampton when no one knows us and try to convince the players and to translate our idea about football when in England that was before, no right Pep or a right club. Only I think it was Brendan who was trying to settle a different football.

I think it was an amazing challenge after and we met, I think, an unbelievable Club, unbelievable chairman, unbelievable people, staff, you know, players. It was an amazing journey in Southampton and then Tottenham that was amazing also because the challenge was to create a team that can, you know, compete and challenge the big side.

After one year and one year and a half, we were challenging, and for five, nearly six years, we were challenging the big teams and being in a final of the Champion League, building a new stadium, a new training ground. I think to be part of this was also an amazing challenge and was an amazing time.

Now, arriving here to Chelsea in this also amazing Club with an amazing history in the process of trying to develop and be an exciting project, knowing that we need time, maybe it’s the most challenging period now.

Do you have 400 more games in you? Do you want 400 more?

I think we are still young, yeah, we are still young, yes. I see, I think we are trying now to enjoy every single day and try to provide our knowledge and our experience to our club. And of course, always, that is always our obsession or passion, and it’s the adrenaline that we want to feel in our body every time we go for training or to compete in a game.

That is, I think, what football needs to push out of the field. It’s difficult to say, “I’m going to stop being a coach,” or “We are going to stop doing what we love to do.” We’ll see, hope yes, can achieve, you know, another 400 games here.

One manager who hasn’t been in England long is a pao how highly do you rate him? What qualities does he have to make him a top manager would you say? I think he recovered for the fans and for the club the hope.

They are playing a very good football and I see, um, is of course always difficult when you arrive in a new country and the challenge is massive, but he’s doing a fantastic job. Every time that you watch Tottenham, you enjoy how they play. Thanks, good luck tomorrow. You’re welcome, thank you.

Hi Maro, against Arsenal you said your players gave up during the match. So how pleased were you with the fight back Aston Villa?

Yes, so pleased because it’s about to learn. It’s a process that we need to learn. It’s a process that you need to leave the experience and to learn from the experience. And that is a challenge. And this is a massive challenge, you know, to have this potentially talented player competing in the toughest league in the world.

Does that show how quickly young players can adapt to an experience?

Yes, with ups and downs, but I think yes, they are learning. Of course, that is a process and it’s a time that they are learning. Um, we need to help and force them to realize in the areas that they need to improve and in the areas that they can be a better and different project because we were talking before about project when it’s one, two, or three players, young player that always is easier.

When you have plenty of young players, always is not more difficult, but yes, you need more time you know to spend and you need more time to provide more time for them to learn. Thank you.

Hi Mauricio, how are 400 games? One of them was the so-called Battle of Stanford Bridge, you remember that when you were Spurs manager and Chelsea leester won the title? Can you put us through your emotions that night? That was a pretty well game.

Yes, I remember really well. Still, my memory is good and uh, that was a really tough game. It was a difficult night. I in we needed to win and Chelsea was, you know, an experienced team. I remember there was a Fabregas, Hazard, you know, what a team no Chelsea was no younger, if not with experience.

And um, they were not doing a fantastic season but in one game they can compete well because they know how to compete and they were tough for us. I think we started the game really well with 2-0, and then they scored in the last moment in the first half 2-1, and then 2-2 and of course, was a battle because we wanted to win, we were very competitive, and sometimes we crossed the line, you know, and that um, yeah, was a really um, difficult moment, but um, yes, showed them how competitive we were.

This Moment is why after a few years, we got the final, the Champion League because we were building a very competitive team.

And you were quite animated on the touchline, right? You were getting right.

No, I tried to say relax and calm. I try to really. I think so. I lose my memory now. I don’t remember so well. You got a bit older the last I understand. It was also a pretty wild game earlier in the season at Tottenham Stadium when you went back for the first time.

Yeah, it was a tough game because they started really well. And then always, you know, to not only to play well, if not to have some lucky, some luck. And I think too many things were for us and again, again, Tottenham in the first in the first game that we played this season in the Tottenham Stadium. Yes, but hope that the positive thing will be on our side tomorrow because, for us, it’s really important, the three points.

Finally, you asked about VAR earlier, um, suggestions that maybe soon, maybe next season, we might be able to hear the referee might be able to give so that everyone in the stadium can hear why he’s made a decision like we have in cricket, rugby, yes, rugby, yeah, other than football rug, um, do you welcome that the referee maybe being able to tell us all why he’s made?

Yeah, we need to prove, you know, why not? We need to try to improve in the way that we can assess the thing and to inform the fans. It’s true that the football is changing, the business is changing, everything is changing, and we cannot stop the evolution of the football. I think it’s, like you asked me before, I think we cannot stop the evolution of technology.

It is here, and it’s difficult that a league like the Premier League is going back to the past, but I think that we can improve things if we can improve things. I think it’s very welcome. Thank you. The last question in the broadcast section, is Liam, Athletic.

Hi, Mauricio, um, have you and your staff managed to figure out why Chelsea is getting so many injuries there’s something in the club’s pro that needs change. I need to be honest. Um, what I can say is always in all the new process and new structure, always, you know, things, uh, we can do better. Of course, we are not going to, not to, we all feel the responsibility, of course, that we can do better.

And then are some circumstances are too many circumstances that happen. That is why and it’s difficult to explain with one word, with one sentence. Of course, we are working on trying to improve.

I think we have an amazing staff, medical staff, performance area, and coaching staff, and I think we have all experience managing clubs and being in in this business. When some circumstance arrives, too many circumstances arrive.

Sometimes in some period can happen. Of course, we need to be now when at the end of the season to put all the information on the table and try to, you know, to be better next season.

We need to improve in all the, I don’t know, I can say communication, dynamics, strategies, or everything that we need to put our knowledge to try to improve and coordinate better.

Of course, all the things that we can improve, but I think the quality here is only what is like happens sometimes with the team, not that the team, why not perform?

Yes, we know why we are assessing why but the inconsistency of the new project, you know, sometimes comes but I don’t say that it’s too many things that maybe are all together today, and that is why we are suffering so many issues. Thank you.

Pochettino, hope you’re doing well. Um, I’d just like to ask about Mad because he scored against VAR at the weekend and I was wondering, do you expect him to kick on for the rest of the season? If I expect, do you expect him to continue his progress for the rest of the season?

Yes, of course, he’s doing well. He scored again, Aston Villa. He’s improving a lot without the ball. I think the challenge for him is to improve without the ball is to be more connected in a defensive, you know, side.

I think if he can he can because have the profile, of course, hope that he can profit or take advantage of the possibility of playing more until the end of the season. Thank you.

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