Man In Europe: Korean, footballing legend Ji-Sung Park travelled to Lennoxtown

Late last year Celtic Football had a very special visit from a Korean TV crew and now it has been shared with a massive Korean audience.

In this special documentary, MAN in Europe, Korean, footballing legend Ji-Sung Park travelled to Europe to surprise and see a number of Korean players to boost their morale and give advice by sharing his experiences, when he used to play in Europe.

Of course, he also took a trip to Lennoxtown where he met Celtic’s Korean continent, Oh, Yang and Kwon.

He also very kindly brought coffee and snacks for our players and staff!

‘Coffee truck’ is one of the traditions that is practiced in South Korea to show gratitude/support to a person, and it is usually sent to that person’s place of work. It is usually carried out by a close associate/friend.

The reason for the person who sends over the coffee truck is to wish the recipient to have a nice break at his or her work along with their colleagues. This event has been practiced frequently over the past few years and has settled as one of the Korean cultures showing support towards someone at work.

So amazingly, at the Club’s training ground, Celtic’s players were treated to coffee and snacks by the great Ji Sung Park, something we will remember for a long time.

We are delighted to share this visit with our supporters!

Everyone at Celtic thanks Ji Sung Park and the crew for their very kind visit.

LG U+ Mobile TV (Korean streaming service platform) – Every Wednesday & Thursday at 00:00 am Korea time with 30 minutes running time each. ONLY available in South Korea.

Channel A (Korean TV) – Every Saturday at 19:50 (Primetime in Korea) with a 60-minute running time. Available to watch overseas but have to live online when it’s screened On Air (Korea time).

YouTube – 10-minute highlight clips on Shoot for Love YouTube and LG U+ TV YouTube channel. Available to watch overseas.

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