Every word Ange Postecoglou said in pre-match press conference | Chelsea v Tottenham

Ange Postecoglou pre-match press conference | Chelsea v Tottenham

Morning everybody we will start with the broadcast section that’s got no embargo followed by an embargo section no live tweeting during the broadcast section please and use the microphone provided.

Good morning and hope you’re well uh you’re always talking about wanting to see signs of progress, generally speaking, do you think you are seeing those signs of progress and you know after Sunday even once the dust settles and you pick the bones out of that game can you sort of see enough to think we are on the right path…

Absolutely yeah absolutely clearly clearly as clear as you want it to be 20120 definitely 100%.

What gives you such optimism that you are?

Because of what I see we’re playing our football measuring ourselves against the best the players have a real belief in what we’re doing that’s all I need to say.

You mentioned after the game on Sunday how you wanted some of the players to be a bit more like Curtie… I assumed you meant that in terms of sort of the fight and desire and hunger they show. Is that a concern for you that you’re not seeing enough of that?

Well we’ve only got one World Cup winner in the building so you know takes a bit of time and it’s not about Hunger or fights it’s just about a self-belief that Curtie has because of who he is and his journey up to now and the others are a lot of the others are just beginning that but C’s had his painful moments in his career and he’s learned to get through them and he showed the way forward on Sunday

So that’s all I meant that yeah some of it is just growth of individuals as people which again you kind fast track so um yeah I thought Kulusewski was he’s been great for us all year but you know on Sunday he really sort of led us um by example.

Just one final one for me on a sort of slightly separate topic but you’ll probably seen that Sweden has rejected VAR coming into their league and you’ve always been very clear in your thoughts on VAR.

I’m moving there…

Do you think that right um got a scoop there going to take a job at Hing?

I don’t have a job but I’m just…

Yeah right yeah um do you think the ship has sailed here do you think it’s too late to get rid of it all together and if it is here to stay what specifically does need to change?

Yeah, now it’s here to stay. Absolutely it’s not it’s not going away um I change a hell of a lot on it but um again I’ve said before that I think it’s changed the game materially which I don’t think was the intention when it was brought in and um yeah I watched the Champions League last night like everyone else did if you hadn’t told me VAR was part of that game I wouldn’t have known and I’m sure they had decisions to make but it seemed to run pretty seamlessly.

It just seems well I said we’re um I don’t know it we’re trying to sort of pick the bones out of every little thing that happens in a football game at the moment um whether that’s a referee or any other part and I don’t like it I’ve said it before, it changed the game it changed the game experience uh it’s a different game whether you’re involved or you’re not involved.

So in terms of an active participant or a spectator but uh hopefully they’ll find um yeah the right sort of ground for it to work there does seem to at least be a recognition from PGMOL that it does need to be refined or be changed if they were to reach out to Premier League managers and say would you come and sit in the meeting room with us and tell us what you’re we already do that mate but I’ve said before we’re not the people that they need to consult with we’re not officials they’re officials…

They’re it’s about them finding out what’s the best decision-making process that’s not going to affect the game it’s got nothing to do with managers I  manage a football team I can tell them how to set up a team but you know it’s you know and there’s you’re always at odds in those kinds of meetings anyway because the referee always feels like they’ve done the right thing and we as coaches always feel grieved. So that’s that’s the basic case.

I mean people telling me we’re going to get an explanation what difference does that make I thought we should had a penalty on the weekend other people didn’t think we should have a penalty on the weekend I wasn’t still sure about Mickey Van der Ven offside but other people say it is offside so at the end of the day who am I to sit in the room and tell officials how to do this their job

They should know that that’s what they that is their job as I keep saying I wouldn’t want a panel of referees to be advising coaches here.

Morning an um in terms of your team news for tomorrow’s game how is Teo doing?

Yeah know not good unfortunately he’s um so we had a couple of issues from the game Teo um with his hamstring obviously so you know we’ve only got 2 and a half weeks ago so he’ll miss the rest of the season and um and Davis um got a cal injury out of the game and he’ll probably miss the rest of the season as well um everyone else is okay Skippy should be back for this game um as out of the ones who have been out.

In terms of challenge do you feel he’s fit enough to start the game at Stanford Bridge uh yeah he’s working back to Fitness I mean, he’s missed a fair bit so um was going to get him some game time and you know whether that’s tomorrow night or Sunday obviously we got three games this week big game so uh I’m sure Richie will prob significant part of it and in terms of the challenge of Chelsea tomorrow.

Obviously, the reverse fixture was chaotic, to say the least, um how do you feel your team has developed since that match and how do you view how they might have developed since that game as well?

Yeah like I said for us it’s um you know it’s a constant um sort of um evolution of overcoming different challenges we’ve had since then um fair to say up until that point we’re in pretty good shape from you know a squad point of view and you know we had a good rhythm of games.

And since then we’ve had some know disruptions in many areas and we’ve had to overcome those challenges some well some not so well so we’ve been um but for the most part. I think fairly consistently um and look Chelsea um I mean their recent form is very good um they got some real talent in there in their group for sure and um yeah.

Mauricio Pochettino is an excellent manager so and I think to get respective of all of that you’re playing away from home you know at their ground it’s a derby London Derby again so you kind of know it’s going to be a tough game your respective yeah you mention it being a London Derby it is one of the London Derbies that the fans really care about do you sense from your players um that there will be an element of Revenge for what happened in that game.

I don’t think so again I’m never bothered by that Revenge cuz I mean that that would mean that you need some sort of other stimulation other than going out there and just trying to win a game of football and I think every week that’s what you’ve got to do um you understand the meaning of games particularly you know as a club or to our supporters but I’ve always felt as footballers or managers or whoever we are we we shouldn’t need extra motivation other than there a game on and we want to win it.

Angelo and I just wondered if James Madison was so good for you at the start of the season and he’s come back to his injury is he still finding his he’s got to find his best form as you approach the second half of in the second half of the Season?

Yeah look it’s a challenge but I mean I think I reckon just about every player in the squad um I’ve had that question about and I think I’ve been pretty consistent in my answers that you know we’ve had a very disruptive season. He’s another one that’s had disruption like the first 10 games you know he played every game he was he was going really well and then obviously picked up the injury and missed a lot of football.

Kind of come back but at the same time you know we’ve had challenges as a team where we haven’t had real fluency in terms of real cohesion in terms of games in terms of starting lineups it’s had the battle through that like a lot of them um but that’s part of the challenge that’s where you know for us as I keep saying um the fact that things haven’t gone smoothly this year um means you you you feel a bit of pain but I think in the long term um you create a stronger and more resilient group. And you know Maddison is one of those guys who’s just got to fight his way out of It.

Hi, and I’m good mate um you mentioned earlier you 100% made progress um is that seen by the fact that you’re going to be fine in a European place no it’s because of what I’m seeing every day and the football we’re playing and the development of our players and I said their belief in what we’re trying to do um they’re far more important to me than uh what position we are um Sunday set pieces were I think fair to say the undoing during the game against Arsenal has that become a worry over the last few weeks over the season and I’m saying you’ll be looking to address in the summer transfer window?

Uh, how you defend set pieces and maybe getting players in who can yeah um. I think I’ve answered this question and I don’t think it satisfies people but um no I don’t see it as an issue it’s something we work on along with everything else in our game there are far more important things we need to concentrate on at the moment in terms of the team we’re building

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